Vegetable Casseroles

Our vegetable casserole recipes boast fresh flavors and loads of variety. Whether you are looking for creamy, veggie pasta bakes or fresh layered vegetarian lasagna, we have a healthy recipe for you. Better yet, most of these hearty meals come together in just one dish! You'll find our favorite vegetable casserole recipes, including lasagna, enchiladas, and mac and cheese.

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Zucchini, Summer Squash and Chicken Salad

Cousa squash is a tender summer squash that looks like a short, fat zucchini with pale green skin. It has a slightly sweeter flavor than zucchini. If you can't find it, simply omit or increase the amount of zucchini or yellow squash, if you like.

Slow Cooker Wild Mushroom and Blue Cheese Bread Pudding

That's right a savory bread pudding that can be made in your slow cooker! Talk about unexpected. Come springtime, if you're lucky enough to find morel mushrooms, use those in the mix for an extra-special side dish,

Asparagus and Morels

Here's a spring side dish that'll be "limited edition" thanks to in-season morel mushrooms and asparagus. Of course, you can likely find asparagus out of its peak season, but when there are no morels to be found, you can sub dried morels.

Morel Frittata

Sure to become your favorite springtime frittata, this one stars fresh morel mushrooms and spinach in the egg and milk mixture.

Morel Mushroom Cream Sauce with Pasta

Talk about a special occasion pasta dinner! This indulgent pasta recipe is also filled with spring-fresh morel mushrooms (if you were lucky enough to find some) to make a limited-edition dinner.

Zucchini-Corn Soup with Andouille

In summer months, you can't beat the flavor of this soup made with fresh corn-on-the-cob, but to speed things up or when sweet corn is not in season you can substitute 1 1/2 cups frozen corn.

More Vegetable Casseroles

Tarragon Butter

Tarragon steeps like tea leaves in lemon butter to release its anise flavor.

Dijon Dipping Sauce

This dipping sauce for steamed artichokes is the consistency of a thin mayo, but with Dijon's zing and garlicky shallot for bigger flavor.