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So, you've spent all afternoon cooking up your favorite casserole. Your grandmother's secret recipe is sure to be a hit, but before you dig in, you have to transport it to the party! How do you make sure it arrives safely and maintains a warm temperature? We'd like to share some of our favorite casserole carrier hacks that will keep your dishes warm and yummy! Most of these hacks can be done using objects you already have around the house, so no need to spend extra money on a quilted casserole carrier. Knowing how to keep your dishes insulated is a life-long skill, so check out the hacks below now!


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1. Extra, Extra!

If you've ever ran out of wrapping paper, you know this hack is useful in a pinch. Fold an inch-deep thickness of newspapers around the casserole dish. Bonus: If the party is a dud, at least you'll have some reading material!

2. All Wrapped Up

You know the feeling of stepping out of the shower and wrapping yourself in a warm, cozy bath towel? Give that luxury to your casserole! Wrap the just-out-of-the-oven dish in a thick layer of clean, dry bath towels and the heat will maintain much longer.

3. Keep Your Cool

We bet you've never thought to use your cooler to keep things warm! But, sans-ice, coolers get the job done. These are especially great for travel if you own a cooler with a handle and wheels.

4. Lock Down

Just like a slow cooker, you want to keep your casserole dish lid secure until you reach your destination. Rubber bands, duct tape, and a spare kitchen towel are all great tools to lock the lid in place and keep any heat from escaping.

5. Soup Day

If it's a soup or stew you're worried about, consider storing it in a travel mug or thermos to keep warm. These handy tools are good enough for your morning coffee, so they should work for your grandmother's signature chicken noodle.

For a bonus tip, use instant hand warmers when packing up your insulated casserole carrier! They are a life saver in surprise snow storms, and can save your holiday dish from hitting the cool winter air. Before wrapping up your casserole using one of the tips above, tuck a few hand warmers up against the dish to keep it toasty.

And always remember, when travelling, transport casseroles on the floor of your car. Be sure to remove items from the seat above so you don't have a casserole casualty if you make a quick stop! With these clever casserole hacks, your favorite dish will be safe to take anywhere.


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