Crowd-Pleasing Holiday Casserole Recipes

Macaroni and Brie with Crab
Beat the chaos of the holidays with a delicious, hearty casserole recipe (or two). Casseroles are easy to make ahead, and you can save the leftovers for dinner the next day. We've picked our favorite cozy casseroles so there's something for everyone, including cheesy pasta bakes, classic tuna casserole, and green bean creations.

Pumpkin-Tortilla Casserole with Chicken

Infusing this tortilla-and-chicken bake with pumpkin completely transforms the classic casserole. Sprinkle pepitas on top for extra flavor and a pretty presentation.

Corn Pudding Casserole

Your guests will be all ears when this casserole takes the stage. It's the perfect balance of creamy and crunchy, with plenty of cheese and bread crumbs to top it off.

Zucchini, Sausage, and Stuffing Casserole

The secret is in the stuffing -- herb-seasoned stuffing mix adds oomph to this easy sausage casserole. Your family will love this comforting dinner recipe!

Maple-Mustard Ham Rolls Stuffed with Mac and Cheese

Bye-bye, boxed stuff -- homemade mac and cheese has never tasted so good. Wrap the holiday essential in tangy-sweet slices of maple-draped ham, then top with buttery panko crumbs for a gourmet finish.

Creamy Potato Casserole

Holidays aren't the same without ham and potatoes. The two must-haves meet again in this lush casserole that's oozing with earthy Gruyere and Dijon-spiked cream cheese. Crushed bagel chips and fresh parsley top it all off.

Spinach and Artichoke Casserole

Panko bread crumbs add a slight crunch to this cheesy casserole loaded with spinach, turkey breast, artichokes, and red peppers. Pair with rice or quinoa for added heartiness.

Fruited Multigrain Pilaf

Satisfy your vegetarian guests with this pilaf-style dish full of hearty grains like wheat berries, farro, and wild rice. Dried cranberries and chopped apples give the dish hints of fresh sweetness while remaining guilt-free at under 200 calories per serving.

Spinach, Butternut Squash, and Pasta Bake

This elegant, meat-free casserole is super hearty (thanks spinach and squash) and packed with flavor (hello, fresh sage and pine nuts!).

Four-Cheese Zucchini Strata

The egg, bread, and zucchini base makes this dish super versatile: Serve it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! The recipe calls for cheddar, Parmesan, and blue cheese, which give it a tangy flavor, but you can swap other cheeses (try Gouda or mozzarella) if you like.

Prosciutto-Stuffed Chicken Bake

Add some fresh flavors to your holiday menu with this crowd-pleasing chicken-and-rice dish. The prosciutto-stuffed chicken and asparagus make it more than your typical casserole.

The Ultimate Chicken and Noodle Casserole

Hosting this holiday? It's OK to show off! This unforgettable chicken casserole -- studded with veggies and bubbling in Alfredo -- is a surefire way to draw guests to your table. Use deli-roasted chicken to help save on prep time.

Mexican Rigatoni and Cheese

Add an unexpected dish to the meat-and-potatoes holiday mix. Chorizo sausage and fresh poblano pepper lend savory, smoky flavor to this Mexican-inspired casserole, while a generous helping of Asadero cheese and milk make each serving extra creamy.

Catchall Casserole

This casserole recipe is exactly what is sounds like: a catchall of the ingredients in your fridge or pantry. You'll be sure to please many mouths with this stuffing-based casserole loaded with veggies and meats of your choice.

Greek Lentil-Quinoa Casserole

Light and fresh, this dip-like Mediterranean casserole is all about the grains. Simmer lentils and quinoa in a savory broth for the base, then top and bake with all your favorite Greek fixings: crumbly feta, cherry tomatoes, and salty Kalamata olives.

Crab and Spinach Pasta with Fontina

Crab and Fontina cheese: two distinct ingredients that make for a deliciously flavorful casserole. Plus, in addition to the spinach and pasta, these ingredients make the dish super filling. Not a seafood fan? Swap in cubed ham or chopped cooked chicken.

Asparagus-Tuna Casserole

A can of garlic-roasted tuna turns into a stunning holiday casserole when paired with tender veggies, cheesy noodles, and loads of Parm. A sprinkling of lemon peel adds sun-kissed goodness to the coastal bake.

Beef and Vegetable Biscuit Bake

Who doesn't love biscuits? They're golden, flaky, and delicious. Try them atop a colorful medley of roasted sprouts, seasoned beef, and fresh mushrooms. At only 300 calories per serving, this healthy casserole is a serious holiday win.

Toasted Barley, Mushroom, and Roasted Red Pepper Alfredo

Every happy forkful of this pearl barley casserole is brimming with Alfredo-coated peppers and peas. Thanks to frozen and jarred ingredients, this vegetarian-pleasing bake comes together in a snap.

Cheesy Pesto-Meatball Manicotti

Manicotti is a time-tested holiday favorite, and for good reason. Fill pasta shells with creamy cheeses, homemade pesto, and ground beef, then bake with marinara sauce and extra cheese. A garnish of fresh basil brings bite.

Three-Cheese Baked Mac

Grown-ups and kids alike can't get enough of this rich three-cheese twist on the classic. The best part? It's ready in less than 45 minutes, so you can get out of the kitchen and back to the celebration.

Tortellini Emilia

Your holiday crowd will adore this creamy, Italian-inspired tortellini casserole recipe. It boasts prosciutto, spicy red onion, shallots, and two kinds of cheese. On top, a sprinkling of walnuts finishes it with a crunch.

Editor's Tip: For a vegetarian option, simply omit the prosciutto.

Creamy Meatball Casserole

This delicious dish takes 15 minutes of prep time thanks to purchased meatballs and stir-fry vegetables. Any combination of veggies works, so choose the kind you like best!

Spaghetti Bake

Quick and easy ingredients -- like canned veggies, mushroom soup, and shredded cheese -- take classic spaghetti from pasta dish to hearty casserole in a flash.

Creamy Green Beans with Crispy Shallots

Classic ingredients like button mushrooms, shallots, sea salt, and fresh nutmeg add up to one standout green bean casserole. Blanching helps the green beans stay crisp during baking.

Editor's Tip: To make ahead, bake and refrigerate the untopped green bean mixture for up to 24 hours. Reheat beans as directed, top with fried shallots, then serve.

Make-It-Mine Pot Pie

Our so-easy casserole recipe lets you customize this pot pie to fit your family. Just pick your ingredients, including meat, veggies, and a topping, then follow the directions. The result is a warm, bubbly dish everyone can agree on.

Enchiladas Suizas

Add spice to your holiday menu with irresistible cream- and cheese-topped chicken enchiladas that ease the holiday hustle with purchased roasted chicken. A pretty red-and-green finish hints at the season.

Tuna and Green Bean Bake

In the middle of a calorie-heavy holiday, dig in to a better-for-you spin on classic tuna casserole. Lighter ingredients like reduced-fat cheese and low-sodium tuna cut fat and calories without compromising flavor. Kids will love the fun fish-shape crackers on top.

Pizza Slab Pie

Purchased dough and bottled pizza sauce make this casserole recipe an easy option on busy holiday evenings. It features all your favorite pizza flavors, like sweet Italian sausage, ripe olives, and two kinds of cheese.

Indian-Spiced Chicken Casserole

Bring new flavors to your holiday table with a warming chicken casserole that's brimming with Indian spices. We love the combination of pasta, tender chicken, garam masala, and melted cheese.

Wild Mushroom Bread Pudding

This savory bread pudding is packed full of fresh wild mushrooms and shallots. Rosemary or onion focaccia complements the flavor perfectly.

Editor's Tip: Shallots lend excellent flavor to this dish, but if you don't have them, swap in 1/4 cup chopped green onions.

Spicy Sausage, Mushroom, and Polenta Bake

With bold ingredients like hot Italian sausage, minced garlic, green onions, and fresh jalapeno peppers, this casserole turns up the heat on cold winter nights. Layers of polenta and a topping of smoked provolone cheese round out the hearty dish.

Editor's Tip: Omit the jalapeno peppers for a milder casserole.

Puebla Shrimp Rellenos Casserole

Add some seafood to this year's holiday celebrations. Shrimp gets a spicy bite from zippy poblano peppers in this bubbly Mexican casserole recipe. They're complemented by three kinds of cheese, fresh cilantro, and roma tomatoes.

Tortellini and Garden Vegetable Bake

Perfect for a holiday potluck, this baked pasta dish is warm and comforting, and it gets a healthy kick from five different garden vegetables.

Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese

Nutty in-season butternut squash ups the flavors in always-good macaroni and cheese. You'll love the smoky bacon and sharp cheese that add savory notes to each bite.

Cheesy Mashed Potato Pots

Brimming with cream and cheese, these scrumptious individual casseroles are the ultimate mashed potato recipe. Dish them up with roast beef, turkey, or ham.

Chicken and Spinach Phyllo Bake

The light and flaky texture of the phyllo dough gives this layered dish a pastry-like quality; the chicken and spinach make it distinctly savory.

Asparagus-Ham Bake

Cream of asparagus soup plus a pound of fresh asparagus lend bright, earthy flavor to this casserole. The fennel's lightly sweet licorice taste gives this asparagus-and-ham dish a twist.

Editor's Tip: Buy fennel that is firm and white with few, if any, blemishes. To use fennel, cut off the stalks and fronds (use them for garnish). Halve the remaining bulb, and slice or dice according to your recipe directions.


Cincinnati-Style Chili

For a Midwestern twist on classic winter chili con carne, add chocolate, cinnamon, and allspice, then serve over a heaping helping of pasta.

Chicken and Stuffing Bake

Adding stuffing to a casserole puts two comfort foods in one dinner. This dish will taste even better the next day after the flavors have melded together.

Barley-Butternut Casserole

With butternut squash and sage, the flavors of this casserole recipe are perfect for the holiday season. Make it up to a day in advance and chill in the fridge.

Macaroni and Brie with Crab

Chunks of crabmeat and Brie cheese give this macaroni and cheese a luxurious, grown-up spin. It's a cinch to serve to guests in miniature casserole dishes.

Andouille-Chicken Lasagna

Cajun flavors come together with andouille sausage and chicken in this warm-you-up lasagna recipe that serves a dozen guests.

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