Our Best Potluck Casseroles

Casseroles are a proven fan fave -- and they're easy, too. Bring one to your next potluck for a totally delish dish that will have guests lining up before the party's even started.

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    Brussels Sprouts Casserole with Pancetta and Asiago Cheese

    Brussels sprouts are the not-so-secret ingredient -- and star -- of this show-stealing dish. The best part? It will get the kids to ask for Brussels sprouts! 

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    Hash Brown Casserole

    Party potatoes are here to stay. This cheesy and gooey dish is topped with the perfect amount of crunch -- it will have guests lining up for seconds before you know it!

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    Creamy Macaroni and Cheese

    This gooey mac and cheese recipe is so full of buttery cheddar flavor, kids and adults alike will be singing your praises. The trick to ultra-creamy macaroni is adding luscious cheddar soup into the mix. The liquid keeps the casserole from getting too thick.

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    Spinach, Butternut Squash, and Pasta Bake

    Unique flavors make this casserole one for the books! Creamy spinach, sweet squash, and nutty accents will have your guests coming back for more every time.

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    Baked Cajun Seafood and Rice

    The party just got spicy! This Cajun casserole calls for attention with bold flavors, bright colors, and a unique flair.

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    Four-Cheese Zucchini Strata

    Zucchini gives some zest to this all-star casserole. Serve it up for brunch or dinner, and please guests with a hearty combination of veggies and cheese.

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    3 Steps for Perfect Chicken Casserole

    Potluck-perfect chicken casserole is a breeze with the help of our three must-have tips.

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    Criss-Cross Pizza Casserole

    We flipped pizza on its head to give you more of what you love -- the toppings! Zucchini, sweet peppers, and chicken sausage smothered in marinara and mozzarella fill up this fun casserole. Crispy rolls of seasoned crust create a gorgeous and easy lattice topping.

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    Salmon Pot Pie Casserole

    It's a pot pie! It's a salmon dish! It's ... a casserole! It's everything you love in one. And it's time you shared it with the world.

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    Indian-Spiced Chicken Casserole

    Everyone will love the bold Indian flavors folded into this chicken casserole. The goodness starts with chicken cooked in a creamy yogurt sauce and flavored with spicy garam masala and ginger-garlic paste. Layer that with delicate vermicelli and a savory paneer cheese mixture for a unique, party-perfect casserole.

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    Tuscan Cheese Potato Bake

    A cheesy potato casserole is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. Our version features a melty and flavorful blend of Fontina, Parmesan, and blue cheese laced with a hint of fresh thyme. Panko crumbs on top give this casserole some crunch.

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    Chicken Enchilada Pasta

    In this chicken enchilada pasta recipe, Tex-Mex flavors combine with hearty shell macaroni for an easy and inexpensive dish for hungry potluckgoers.

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    Cheese Fondue Casserole

    Say cheese! It's hard not to smile with this gooey dish at the potluck table.

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    Caramel-Banana-Pecan Bread Casserole

    If you've ever felt like a short-order cook while making French toast a few slices at a time, you'll appreciate this decadent bread casserole breakfast recipe. You'll have 12 servings ready to go (hot out of the slow cooker!) all at once. The full recipe appears at the end of the video.

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    Kale, Chorizo, and Red Bean Brunch Casserole

    Power foods unite in this superhero delish dish. Share it with your friends at brunch to start the day off right.

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    Mexican Rigatoni and Cheese

    Bring your potluck south of the border and enjoy zesty noodles with black beans and cheese. Add homemade salsa for some extra zing.

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    Eight-Layer Casserole

    Eight layers till you get to cloud nine! This ground beef recipe results in a luscious and creamy noodle casserole. Check out the make-ahead option, too! Prep it in advance so you can pop it into the oven for an easy option after a busy day.

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    Make & Take Favorites

    This essential digital cookbook has 110 of our favorite recipes that are guaranteed to be popular at any get-together.

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    Corn Pudding Casserole

    Your guests will be all ears when this casserole takes the stage. It's the perfect balance of creamy and crunchy, with plenty of cheese and bread crumbs to top it off.

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    Bagel, Lox, and Egg Strata

    Revamp the regular bagel-and-lox pairing and whip up a casserole full of the same great flavors! This fluffy and savory strata is great for any meal of the day.

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    Bacon-Asparagus Strata

    When you're looking for a make-ahead potluck recipe, you can't beat a strata -- a casserole recipe that can usually be made up to 24 hours in advance. Here, fresh vegetables and bacon combine with luscious Swiss cheese for a rich and easy egg dish the whole group will love.

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    Bacon-Topped Green Bean Casserole

    The only thing that could make a green bean casserole better is bacon. Coupled with rich mushrooms and a rosemary cream sauce, bacon provides the salty, smoky flavor your green bean casserole was missing.

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    Tomato-Topped Corn and Feta Casserole

    Sweet roasted tomatoes give this casserole an extra bite of freshness. To give the veggie-loaded recipe some extra protein, add 2 cups cooked chicken to the casserole before baking.

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    Hot and Cheesy Chicken Casserole

    This one-dish dinner recipe features a delicious mix of broccoli, chicken, green chiles, and rice.

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    Cheeseburger and Fries Casserole

    No grill required here: Serve up hamburger casserole instead! Heap on your favorite burger toppings and enjoy hearty flavor without up-to-the-wire prep time. 

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    Fig, Pancetta, and Goat Cheese Brunch Casserole

    This easy make-ahead casserole is perfect for stress-free hosting. Oh, and it's delicious, too!

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    Farmer's Casserole

    The classic big casserole for big appetites: Chock-full of hash browns, bacon, onion, eggs, and cheese, this dish is one that will always have your back.

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    Puebla Shrimp Rellenos Casserole

    We brought casserole to the next level with coastal Mexican flavors. Tender shrimp and chopped poblano peppers combine with cheddar cheese and fresh tomatoes for a Tex-Mex fusion that's just right for your next potluck.

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    Spicy Green Bean Casserole

    Green bean casserole is a potluck staple -- so give yours some zing to spice things up. Chili powder and fresh serrano chiles give this dish the flavor it's named for!

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