Burrata Boards Are the Ultimate Summer Entertaining Dish

Serve this sweet and savory food board at your next outdoor dinner party.

After spending last summer social distancing, I'm slowly easing back into outdoor entertaining this season. I couldn't be more excited about hosting casual dinner parties and backyard get-togethers, and while I'm still getting back into the swing of hosting and entertaining, there's one thing I know for sure: I'll be serving a burrata board at my next summer party.

If you haven't had it before, burrata is a ball of solid mozzarella cheese with a hollow center that's usually filled with cream. And a burrata board is exactly what it sounds like: A charcuterie-type spread arranged around the creamy cheese. It's the perfect summer snack because it pairs perfectly with both sweet summer fruits and fresh savory flavors.

Last summer, Meg Quinn of @ainttoproudtomeg posted her version of a burrata board, and the post went viral. Her tasty snack tray inspired dozens of others to create their own cheesy creations, and a quick scroll through Instagram will instantly have your mouth watering. There are currently more than 890,000 posts about #burrata and over 300 posts tagged #burrataboard—and they all look good enough to eat right off the screen.

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Flavorful Layers

This burrata board by Meg Quinn of Ain't Too Proud To Meg had everyone buzzing last summer, and for a good reason. She layered the cheese with peaches, prosciutto, heirloom tomatoes and cherries, and topped it all off with fresh mint and basil. To make your own, layer burrata with your favorite in-season fruits and veggies on a rectangular serving board ($20, Target).

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Summer Spread

This bright and fresh creation by Ashley of Sorrenteaux Boards is exactly what your next dinner party needs. A bowl of burrata is surrounded by fresh fruits and veggies, pieces of toast, and salty prosciutto. Pair this spread with a glass of your favorite rosé for the perfect summer evening spread.

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Fresh Flavors

Marisa from Queen of Brie put together this delicious assortment of cheese and fresh summer flavors. This easy appetizer comes together in just minutes; to make it, top a round charcuterie board ($40, Bed Bath & Beyond) with layers of sliced burrata with different kinds of tomatoes, prosciutto, and dishes filled with olive oil and honey.

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Good and Glazed

This decadent spread by Cortney LaCorte of Cheese Gal had my mouth watering the minute I saw it. She paired burrata with peach slices and meat, then topped it all off with a fig balsamic glaze. Yum!

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Bold Flavors

Erika from Saratoga Grazing Co put together this decadent combination of burrata, roasted butternut squash, carmelized onions, and Italian sausage. Serve this one as the summer season transitions into fall. To make your own, grab a round wood serving tray ($21, Target) and arrange the ingredients in circular layers.

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