5 Creative Ways to Use Your Waffle Iron from Breakfast to Dessert

Brownie Waffles a la Mode

Pull out your waffle iron, but not for the usual breakfast waffles. There are so many other things to do with a waffle iron! Twist classic homemade waffles into a waffle cake, dessert-worthy chocolate waffles, or a savory corn waffle that gives breakfast for dinner new meaning. Get started with these creative waffle iron recipes.

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Chocolate Waffle Cake

Chocolate Waffle Cake

Special Ingredient: Dark chocolate cake mix

Now this is the ultimate waffle dessert recipe! Chocolate waffles made from cake batter are piled high with banana cream and topped with chocolate ganache for a towering waffle cake that will make jaws drop.

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Strawberry-Cream Cheese Waffle Sandwiches

Strawberries and Cream Cheese Waffle Sandwiches

Special Ingredient: Whole grain bread

No need for a panini press when your waffle iron can serve double duty (if you have both, we won’t judge). Just think of all the possibilities for waffle sandwiches! This one fits squarely in breakfast territory with its cream cheese, granola, and fresh fruit filling. Make it recipe No. 1 of your new waffle iron breakfast recipes collection.

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Pumpkin Waffles with Maple-Pecan Cream

Pumpkin Waffles with Maple-Pecan Cream

Special Ingredient: Canned pumpkin

It's comfort food time! And it's in the form of irresistible pumpkin waffles. Pair up pumpkin with your waffle iron for a match made in breakfast heaven. And that maple-pecan cream? It's heavenly, too. The pumpkin, cinnamon, and nutmeg flavors make this breakfast waffle perfect for fall days, but we know you'll want to make it in the off-seasons, too.

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Chocolate-Peppermint Waffle Cookies

Chocolate-Peppermint Waffle Cookies

Special Ingredient: Cookie batter

Up your cookie-exchange game with these elegant shareable treats. The peppermint-chocolate glaze adds beautiful sheen and extra decadence. For those of you who like to plan your parties in advance, you can freeze these chocolaty waffle cookies for up to 3 months.

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Ginger-Green Tea Waffles with Summer Peach Sauce

Ginger-Green Tea Waffles with Summer Peach Sauce

Special Ingredients: Loose green tea and grated ginger

Your waffle iron can bake a variety of foods—and it's not even intimidated by beverages. The green tea in these waffles lends a subtle flavor that's perfectly complemented by the fruity peach sauce.

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