Follow these delectable recipes or create your own!

By Hannah Bruneman

You don't have to be a French pastry chef in order to eat like one! Crepes are a delicate and eggy breakfast food that resemble paper-thin pancakes. However, crepe toppings go a whole lot further than butter and maple syrup. From sweet fruity fillings to smoked salmon and goat cheese, crepes can really hold it all. Whatever you're in the mood for, take a look at our favorite crepe recipes or combine a few to make your own creation!

1. Creamy Fruit-Filled Crepes

Why mess with what isn't broken? This sweet crepe recipe is a classic concoction of Greek yogurt, honey, and fresh fruit. If you have multiple guests, set up a crepe bar and let people choose their own berries!

2. Turkey Pesto Crepes

Chef in Training

Leave your Panini press in the pantry; wrapping up meat and cheese in a warm crepe is the new go-to lunch! We love this savory recipe for the flavorful pesto and the roasted red peppers. You'll be surprised at how fast these fill you up!

3. Lemon Crepes

These mascarpone cheese filled crepes are refreshingly light with just a hint of lemon whisked into the batter. Top them off with a drizzle of honey, fresh berries, and flakes of lemon peel. Your guests will be surprised at how yummy these are!

4. Smoked Salmon and Goat Cheese Crepes

Now this will awaken your taste buds! Put on your Sunday best for a brunch with these smoked salmon and goat cheese crepes. We are drooling over this crepe pocket filled with delicious flavors of the sea.

5. Nutella Pumpkin Crepes

Carlsbad Cravings

You had us at Nutella. Chocolate hazelnut spread is always at the top of the menu at creperies. But this amazing recipe switches it up by adding pumpkin puree to the batter! Trust us, you'll want seconds... and maybe thirds.

6. Pineapple-Banana Crepas de Cajeta

We don't know what we love best about these crepes; the pineapple and banana filling or the rum-spiked dulce de leche drizzle on top. Whichever you choose, these crepes are fun to make and even more delicious to eat!


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