10 Mind-Blowing Ways to Add Bacon to Sweet and Savory Foods

Sweet Bacon and Pear Pizza

Smoky, thick, maple-y, crispy, salty -- it doesn't matter how you like your bacon, just that you like it. These mouthwatering bacon recipes showcase meat's greatest claim to fame and all the new and interesting ways you can make it. Whether you find yourself adding bacon to a dessert or using it as a flavor boost, you'll love trying these ways to upgrade your bacon obsession.

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Not-Your-Typical Bacon


As the adage goes, bacon makes everything better. Crisp up a pan and be prepared to fall in love with bacon all over again.

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#1: Make Chocolate Bark

Chocolate Bacon Bar

What's better to mix with bacon than the world's next best food? Just three ingredients (bacon: savory; caramel: gooey; and chocolate: sweet) make up this why-didn't-I-think-of-that treat.

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#2: Switch Up a Classic Dinner Recipe

Bacon and Egg Spaghetti

It's breakfast for dinner! Bacon isn't the only indulgence here: A fried egg holds court below spaghetti for budget-friendly fixins.

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#3: Mix with Berries as a Topping

Bread Pudding Quiche with Berries & Bacon

Bacon, berries, a ham-and-egg quiche, and a crust inspired by French toast. This must-try is basically an entire breakfast in every bite!

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#4: Upgrade a Roasted Turkey

Bacon and Onion Turkey
This Thanksgiving turkey recipe will no doubt bring your Cajun dinner to life, mostly thanks to its delicious crispy bacon wrap.

Admit it -- you started drooling the second you saw this picture. No dull bird here: Crisscross bacon atop your turkey for crazy-good smoky flavor and showstopping double-takes.

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#5: Add Smokiness to Meatballs

Yup, you guessed it: We passed on classic Italian meatballs and filled ours with everyone's favorite meat. Even better, this smoky spin on a simple pasta topper comes together in just a few steps.

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#6: Stir Into Cake Frosting

Bacon-Laced Chocolate Cake

Just one glance at this rich, decadent dessert and even bacon purists will be on board. A mix of finely chopped bacon bits and fudgy chocolate frosting means this is one cake that's over the top in the best way possible.

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#7: Twist Into Breadsticks

Bacon-Wrapped Breadsticks

It's official. We'd like to introduce you to the easiest bacon recipe ever. Simply twist store-bought breadsticks with bacon strips, sprinkle with cheese, and bake. Boom -- you're done!

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#8: Top a Cobbler or Crisp

Bacon and Crumb Topped Plum Crisp

Fresh, juicy plums. Thick, salty bacon. Can you say delicious? Emphasize the sweetness of your fave cobbler or crisp by adding finely chopped bacon into the mix.

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#9: Make Sandwich Cookies


OK, we'll give you this much: Bacon, tomato jam, and microgreens aren't your regular sandwich-cookie fillers. But doesn't a dessert BLT sound too good to pass up? Trust us, you won't be able to get enough of the teeny treats.

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#10: Top a Pizza

Sweet Bacon and Pear Pizza

Skip the pepperoni, skip the sausage: Crisp, salty bacon makes just as tasty a topper for any pizza pie. Add some walnuts, feta cheese, and slices of sweet pears; this is one pizza you won't find at your local delivery joint.

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