Refreshing Smoothie Recipes

Smoothies provide so much: wonderful flavors, servings of fruit, and cool refreshment. Our fruit smoothies do it all, and many are low-calorie so you can stick to your diet goals. Bonus: We've added protein and vitamin-loaded vegetables to a few healthy smoothie recipes to help you get the most benefit from your beverage.

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    Great Smoothie Recipes

    Brighten your day with a crisp and refreshing smoothie. From berry and banana smoothies to PBJ, avocado, and more, these smoothie recipes feature naturally delicious ingredients that are sure to satisfy.

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    Protein-Packed Smoothie

    This strawberry-banana smoothie is scrumptious and satisfying. All it takes is a scoop of thick, creamy peanut butter, and you've got yourself a protein-packed snack.

    Calories in this smoothie: 223

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    Blueberry Swirly Smoothies

    Grab a spoon and swirl away. This refreshing smoothie calls for a handful of blueberries, apple juice, ripe bananas, yogurt, and honey.

    Calories in this smoothie: 148

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    Cherry-Almond Smoothie

    This pretty pink smoothie is beaming with dark cherries and subtle almond flavor. To achieve the sweet-nutty taste, include a splash of almond extract before blending.

    Calories in this smoothie: 122

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    Blueberry-Pineapple Smoothie

    Blend frozen fruit, yogurt, orange juice, and (surprise!) baby spinach for a sweet and healthy smoothie you'll love.

    Calories in this smoothie: 195

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    Avocado Smoothie

    Avocado and banana meet in this creamy, rich smoothie. Add a splash of orange juice to the mix for a bright, fresh burst.

    Calories in this smoothie: 190

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    Watch: How to Make a Smoothie

    Check out this video for our simple formula for great smoothies every time -- no matter what fruits you love!

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    Tutti-Frutti Smoothie

    This kid-friendly smoothie recipe is sweet while hiding a good amount of fiber. Blend blueberries, pomegranate, soy milk, and yogurt for a healthy, thirst-quenching drink.

    Calories in this smoothie: 209

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    Kiwi-Pineapple Smoothies

    The surprise ingredient in this fruit smoothie? Spinach! The leafy green is rich in antioxidants and lends the healthy smoothie recipe a dose of iron and vitamin A.

    Editor's Tip: Serve this smoothie in a jar with a decorative lid. Metal die-cutting tools are available to cut your own shape from a jar top.

    Calories in this smoothie: 219

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    Ginger-Mango Smoothie

    This sweet sipper features tropical mango. Blend in a bit of banana and some grated ginger to achieve an ultra-creamy consistency.

    Calories in this smoothie: 202

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    Cherry-Berry Smoothies

    This healthy smoothie combines colorful berries and cherries for a tasty supply of antioxidants. Use leftover fruit to garnish your glasses.

    Calories in this smoothie: 104

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    Banana, Peach, and Flax Swirly Smoothies

    Wake up to this swirled peach-packed fruit smoothie. It features fresh mango, banana, and flaxseed for a dose of potassium and fiber.

    Calories in this smoothie: 200

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    Pina Colada Smoothie

    One sip of this fruity concoction, and you'll be dreaming of warm weather and golden beaches. Enjoy these islandlike smoothies in place of the alcoholic version of pina coladas.

    Calories in this smoothie: 260

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    Ultimate Berry Smoothie

    Four cups of mixed berries are the highlight, but the secret to this creamy smoothie recipe is tofu, which adds protein to keep you satisfied. Flaxseed also adds nutrition.

    Calories in this smoothie: 242

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    Sweet Beets and Greens Smoothies

    Sweet beets, tart blueberries, and good-for-you kale mingle with stawberries in this vitamin-packed smoothie.

    Calories in this smoothie: 178

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    PBJ Smoothies

    These childhood favorites meet again in our peanut butter-packed, jelly-filled smoothie. The addition of a banana helps soften its naturally thick texture.

    Calories in this smoothie: 293

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    Blueberry Sunrise Smoothie

    Banana, yogurt, grapes, blueberries, and orange juice blend in this creamy smoothie. Top with a few unblended fruits for wow factor.

    Calories in this smoothie: 206

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    Mixed-Berry Smoothie

    An icy blend of pretty pomegranate, beautiful berries, and a spoonful of honey makes this yummy drink one showstopping smoothie.

    Calories in this smoothie: 203

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    Raspberry-Citrus Swirly Smoothies

    Raspberries and citrus create a dazzling drink that's delicious and nutritious. Score a few oohs and aahs by swirling this two-tone smoothie for a fabulous effect.

    Calories in this smoothie: 335

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    Kiwi-Melon Cooler

    Whip together a thick, satisfying fruit smoothie that's light on calories but high in flavor, thanks to kiwifruit, honeydew, and apple juice

    Calories in this recipe: 106

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    Creamy Green Smoothies

    Ridiculously light and refreshing, the green in this smoothie is from lime sherbert, zucchini, and broccoli. Two small apples add familiar crispness.

    Calories in this recipe: 105

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