Blend a filling and refreshing breakfast with our smoothie recipes! Our fruit smoothies are low-calorie yet satisfying, so you can stick to your diet goals. We've also added vitamin-loaded vegetables to a few healthy green smoothie recipes to help you get the most from your drink. Here you'll find secrets for blending the perfect smoothie, our favorite smoothie recipes, and tips for perfect fruit smoothies. Don't miss our look at the green smoothie trend!

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Spiced Pumpkin Horchata
Pumpkin puts a seasonal spin on the traditional Mexican horchata made with rice, vanilla, and cinnamon.
Berry Smoothie Cubes
Get a jump start on your morning smoothies by freezing these berry-filled cubes. Each cube has juice, banana, Greek yogurt, and honey in addition to berries, so when you're craving a smoothie, milk is the only other ingredient you'll need to throw in the blender.
Berry-Coconut Smoothie Bowl
Yes, you can make a Paleo smoothie recipe! The trick to making this photo-worthy smoothie bowl creamy is a couple cartons of Paleo-approved, non-dairy coconut yogurt.
Cocoa Sweet Potato Smoothie
Here's a veggie smoothie you'll go (coco)nuts for. Coconut milk meets cocoa, sweet potatoes, and Greek yogurt for a power-packed snack or light breakfast.
Cherry-Berry Oatmeal Smoothies
That's right, you can drink your oats with this healthy smoothie recipe. Plus it only takes about 15 minutes to whip up, so there's no excuse to miss breakfast.

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Ginger-Mango Smoothies
With a perfect balance of protein and carbs, this fruit smoothie recipe will boost your brainpower and energy for hours.
Smoothie Bowl Recipes That Are (Almost) Too Pretty to Eat
Your Instagram feed is about to get a lot brighter after posting these stunning smoothie bowls.

Virgin Mary Smoothies with a Twist

Looks like a bloody mary, tastes like a bloody mary... but it's actually an incredibly low-calorie smoothie!