7 Gourmet Granola Recipes to Instantly Elevate Your Breakfast

Crunchy Granola
Photo: Blaine Moats

There's nothing like a crunchy, chewy bite of granola with milk. The whole-grain mixture includes a variety of nuts, oats, fruit and more. Our delicious granola recipes are a fun treat by the handful or as a healthy topping for yogurt, ice cream, and more. If a big bowl of cereal is your idea of starting the morning off right, definitely consider one of these homemade granola recipes.

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Quinoa-Pumpkin Seed Granola

Quinoa-Pumpkin Seed Granola
Andy Lyons

Here's a new way to use quinoa beyond grain-and-veggie bowls. Our gluten-free granola recipe coats a combo of cooked quinoa, pumpkin seeds, almonds, and flaxseed with honey-sweetened oil. After just 20 minutes (and some cooling time), your kitchen is going to smell amazing and you'll be enjoying a delightful breakfast.

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Crunchy Granola

Crunchy Granola
Blaine Moats

Bring on the crunch! This easy granola recipe has plenty of variations to fit every flavor preference. Add your favorite toss-ins to the basic granola recipe or use a suggestion from our Test Kitchen such as almonds, flaxseeds, maple syrup, vanilla, and dried cherries.

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Spiced Papaya-Cranberry Granola

spiced papaya-cranberry granola
Carson Downing

This granola recipe by cookbook author Nik Sharma has a surprising ingredient in the mix: turmeric. That's right, the anti-inflammatory spice provides a slightly earthy flavor to contrast the sweetness from dried cranberries and papaya.

Test Kitchen Tip: Choose certified gluten-free rolled oats to make this a gluten-free granola recipe.

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Slow Toasted Granola

glass jar slow toasted granola next to pitcher of milk
Andy Lyons

How convenient that one of our best granola recipes happens to be made in a slow cooker. We added some peanut butter to the pot to give every bite a delicious nutty flavor.

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Two-Way Nutty Granola Cereal

Two-Way Nutty Granola Recipe
Kritsada Panichgul

Increasing your whole-grain intake? Look no further than this granola recipe for a boost. Rolled oats and quick-cooking barley make up the bulk of the mix. Choose your favorite nuts to accompany the brown sugar and cinnamon-infused homemade granola. Enjoy this cereal one of two ways: warm or cold.

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Nut-Coconut Granola

Nut-Coconut Granola
Andy Lyons

Keep a batch of this granola recipe in the pantry for a quick and nutritious Paleo-friendly breakfast. Instead of using grains, we pulse raw pecans, almonds, cashews, and pumkin seeds in a food processor to resemble what would be oats. Once the nuts and seed mixture is coated in coconut oil, it's baked to crispy perfection.

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Chocolate-Lover's Granola

Chocolate-Lover's Granola
Andy Lyons

This homemade granola recipe is sweet enough to double as dessert. Melted bittersweet chocolate coats every bite while semisweet chocolate and white baking pieces are added to the crunchy mix. For a less sweet take, try our cranberry-pistachio variation.

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