These Scrambled Eggs Have a Savory Secret

I used to take my eggs strictly poached or fried, but having kids rekindled my love for scrambled eggs. Since it's our go-to breakfast, I'm always on the lookout for interesting versions and am particularly drawn to those with a surprise element. Here are five takes on scrambled eggs that are not only delicious, but also deceptively interesting.

Soy Sauce and Green Onion Scrambled Eggs

You probably can't tell just by looking at them, but these scrambled eggs with soy sauce and green onion aren't just perfectly salted -- they also boast an umami kick from the soy sauce. With the addition of chopped green onion, these Asian-inspired eggs are a tasty getaway from the standard scramble. Get the recipe at Bowl of Delicious.

Pumpkin Scrambled Eggs

They look like your typical scrambled eggs, but where did that sweet finish come from? Pumpkin scrambled eggs sneak in the vegetables by camouflaging a quarter cup of winter squash. They're a little salty, a little sweet, and a lot delicious. Get the recipe at Hellobee.

Deluxe Scrambled Eggs

Between the sausage, apple, and fresh herbs, these deluxe scrambled eggs have a lot to brag about. Below the surface, though, there's a stealthy addition: mustard powder. Just a pinch of this spicy powder adds a subtle zing. If you didn't know it was there, you wouldn't quite be able to put your finger on what makes this scramble so special. Get the recipe at Better Homes & Gardens.

Tetsuya's Scrambled Eggs

At first glance these eggs look pretty ordinary, but look a little closer and you'll find an unusual add-in: creamed corn. Toeing the line between salty and sweet, this creamed corn takes a breakfast meal that's traditionally savory and makes a more playful experience. Get the recipe at Stone Soup.

Scrambled Eggs with Truffle Salt

Speaking of creamed corn, these perfect scrambled eggs incorporate the unusual ingredient as well, but they add another twist in the form of truffle salt. The finishing touch takes scrambled eggs from predictable to pampering. Get the recipe at Not Quite Nigella.

Deliciously Different Ways to Make Eggs

Bored with paprika on your deviled eggs? Let us help you with these so-simple deviled egg toppers with ideas that are spicy, salty, fresh, peppery, and tangy there's a deviled egg idea for everyone.


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