10 Instant Pot Breakfast Recipes You Can Make on Chaotic Mornings

Bacon, Corn, and Cheese Frittata
Photo: Andy Lyons

With the help of your pressure cooker, you can leave behind your worries about fitting a nutritious breakfast into a jam-packed morning. You can make each of these pressure cooker breakfast recipes quickly, and every single one is hearty enough to keep you going all morning long. These Instant Pot breakfasts will make getting out of bed something to look forward to.

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Pressure Cooker Blueberry French Toast Casserole

portioned blueberry-french toast casserole ishes
Andy Lyons

Just one look at this decadent blueberry French toast, and we're in love. Cooking French toast casserole in your pressure cooker lets you enjoy everything you love most about the sweet dish with none of the hassle (say goodbye to dipping each piece of bread in egg, then babysitting it on the stove). This lemon-mascarpone-cream-topped breakfast casserole cooks in just 25 minutes and feeds eight, so it's a tasty and quick way to cook French toast for a crowd.

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Pressure Cooker Mexican Potato Breakfast Casserole

mexican-style potato breakfast casserole
Andy Lyons

If your stomach usually starts growling a few hours before lunchtime, this hearty pressure cooker casserole will definitely keep you satisfied until it's time to break out your lunch box. Loaded with hash brown potatoes, eggs, black beans, and Mexican blend cheese, this easy breakfast casserole will pack 12 grams of protein into your morning. Serve with sour cream and pico de gallo (plus cilantro if you like it) to make this breakfast casserole into a proper Mexican feast.

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Bacon, Corn, and Cheese Frittata

Bacon, Corn, and Cheese Frittata
Andy Lyons

Make eggs and bacon the easy way. Like a fancier version of an omelet, this easy breakfast cooks right in your Instant Pot (or another favorite pressure cooker), so you don't have to worry about tending to a skillet on the stove. Filled with crispy bacon, bell peppers, and fresh corn, this delicious frittata will go fast.

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Pressure Cooker Peaches and Cream Breakfast Quinoa

Peaches and Cream Breakfast Quinoa
Andy Lyons

No, you don't have to wait until lunchtime to dig in to a tasty grain bowl. This pressure cooker breakfast idea makes quinoa with peaches and cream in just 11 minutes! This is easily the quickest way to cook quinoa we've ever discovered, and when it's ready all you have to do is add your favorite toppings and dig in.

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Pressure Cooker Scrambled Breakfast Hash

Pressure Cooker Scrambled Breakfast Hash
Andy Lyons

Scrambled eggs are getting a hearty makeover with this pressure cooker breakfast. This quick hash recipe is loaded with so many delectable breakfast favorites, it's easy to lose track of them all—bacon, fresh mushrooms, potatoes, bell peppers, and melty cheese all make an appearance.

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Pressure Cooker Chilaquiles

Slow Cooker Chilaquiles
Andy Lyons

Yep, you can make chilaquiles in your pressure cooker, and this recipe will pressure-cook in just one minute! Sure, it'll take a little extra time for your cooker to build up pressure, but it's hard to argue with having a bowl of spicy beef, pork, chili beans, and fresh cherry tomatoes ready to go in almost no time at all. You can also make this Instant Pot breakfast recipe a little different each time by mixing up your toppings—try extra sliced chile peppers for added heat or add more broken tostada shells for an bonus crunch.

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Pressure Cooker Ginger-Chicken Congee

Pressure Cooker Ginger-Chicken Congee
Jason Donnelly

We'll admit chicken for breakfast might sound a little strange, but hear us out. A popular dish in Chinese cuisine, this savory pressure cooker breakfast is a great meal for any time of day. If you usually find yourself reaching for a mid-morning snack, try this protein-packed recipe that will stick to your ribs until lunch. If you're still having doubts, top your bowl with a poached egg and avocado slices, and this chicken and rice bowl will be firmly in breakfast territory.

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Pressure Cooker Hard-Boiled Eggs

hard cooked eggs
Tina Rupp

Instead of cooking eggs on your stove top, why not just make them in your pressure cooker? Once you learn how to make hard-cooked eggs in an Instant Pot or multicooker three different ways, you'll be able to add them to any breakfast recipe you want (or just eat them on their own). You can add a soft-cooked egg to your avocado toast or bowl of oatmeal in just a few minutes.

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Pressure Cooker Bacon and Eggs Breakfast Bowl

Pressure Cooker Bacon and Eggs Breakfast Bowl
Jason Donnelly

It's hard to beat bacon and eggs in the morning, and this classic breakfast gets even better when you add oatmeal. To hurry these mouthwatering breakfast bowls along, cook the oatmeal in your pressure cooker, then top your bowl with crispy bacon, avocado, and a fried egg. If you like your pressure cooker breakfast with a spicy kick, add a generous drizzle of hot pepper sauce on top.

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Multicooker Yogurt

Multicooker Yogurt in mason jars
Jason Donnelly

You can cross yogurt off your grocery list permanently. It's super easy to make your own in a pressure cooker, and once you whip up a batch, it'll keep in the fridge for up to two weeks. It's hard to argue with an Instant Pot breakfast as easy that—just add fresh fruit and crunchy granola to your bowl each morning for a quick and easy homemade parfait.

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