Quick Cooking School: How to Make Breakfast

Make your best breakfast ever -- whether it's for yourself or for guests -- with our quick and easy how-to videos for all of your favorite breakfast recipes. We show you the secrets for making perfectly crisp bacon and hash browns, poaching and boiling eggs, cooking fluffy pancakes and French toast, and more!

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    How to Make Homemade Granola

    Start your day with delicious homemade granola. We show you our easy recipe for this simple breakfast favorite.

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    How to Make Muffins

    The secret to fresh-baked muffins is all in the mixing -- watch our short video to learn the secret!

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    How to Poach an Egg

    If you think poaching an egg is difficult, think again: It's just as easy as scrambling or cooking them sunny-side up, but it removes cooking fat from the equation. Learn our secret for getting perfectly poached eggs every time!

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    How to Make Eggs Benedict

    If you're expecting breakfast company, whip up this crowd-pleasing egg dish. We show you how to make the Hollandaise sauce. Hint: you don't need any special tools!

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    How to Make Hash Browns

    Breakfast isn't complete without a side of crispy, buttery hash browns. Watch our tricks for making them perfectly every time.

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    How to Cook Bacon

    Learn how to cook bacon that's perfectly crisp every time with our easy step-by-step video.

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    How to Make Pancakes

    Fluffy pancakes are easy to achieve, but they require a bit of patience. Learn our trick for making golden, restaurant-worthy cakes with this quick video.

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    How to Make French Toast

    Everyone should know how to make this tasty breakfast staple. Try our tips for getting golden, fluffy, perfect French Toast every time.

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    How to Boil an Egg

    Try our easy method for boiling eggs, and you'll never end up with green-ringed yolks again -- just beautiful eggs you can peel and serve for breakfast.

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    How to Make Deviled Eggs

    For a low-mess deviled egg recipe, we mash our middles in a bag. We show you how with our easy-to-follow instruction video.

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    How to Make a Breakfast Casserole

    It's easy to overcook this delicious morning recipe. Watch this quick video for our success secret when cooking a breakfast casserole.

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    How to Make Quiche

    Learn our simple secret to making a delicious breakfast quiche: prebaking the crust so the dish stays crisp after you add the filling. We show you how!

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    How to Make Bread Pudding

    The secret to cooking your best bread pudding is to making sure the bread is dried out before adding the custard mixture -- similar to how you cook stuffing for Thanksgiving. Watch our step-by-step video to learn more!

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    Recipe: French-Toasted Sausage & Pear Hot Dogs

    Now that you've mastered how to cook French toast, try this sweet-and-savory take on the breakfast classic.

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    Recipe: Orange-Ricotta Pancakes

    Your newly learned pancake-cooking expertise will go far in one of our favorite pancake recipes.

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