Quick & Easy Breakfast Recipes

Quick and easy breakfast recipes will rescue you from a morning of cooking so you have time to read the paper, enjoy the sunshine, and refresh your cup of coffee. These tasty, nutritious meals go from prep to plate fast so everyone can leave the house fully fueled. Weekdays are often a hard time to feed everyone a well-balanced meal that will last through lunch. Instead of heading to the nearest drive-through, use our no-recipe breakfast ideas. A surefire way to make breakfast amazing is to make it ahead of time. Easy and simple breakfast breads can go from fridge to oven to table when you do the prep the night before. A slow cooker is often used to simplify dinnertime meals, but it can also be a time-saving appliance for breakfast, too. Try one of our slow cooker breakfasts that will have you waking up to a ready-made meal. If you need to take breakfast on the run, we've got portable recipes, too, including breakfast pizza and wraps, as well as muffins -- every idea fresh, fast, and flavorful.

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13 Pressure Cooker Breakfast Recipes You Can Make on Busy Mornings

Thanks to your pressure cooker, you can leave behind your worries about fitting a nutritious breakfast into a jam-packed morning. You can make each of these pressure cooker breakfast recipes quickly, and every single one is hearty enough to keep you going all morning long. These breakfast recipes that you can make in an Instant Pot will make getting out of bed something to look forward to!

10 Breakfast Cookies So You Can Start Your Day with Dessert

Sweeten up your a.m. with a fruity and filling breakfast cookie. These cookies are homemade, easy to grab on the go, and the best part—they're almost all guilt-free. Unless you eat the entire batch, of course.

Make-and-Take Breakfasts for People Always On the Go

Breakfast skippers, we're looking at you. Thanks to these quick and easy breakfasts (most of which can be made the night before), starting your day with a meal you can feel good about is no problem. Try granola bars, overnight oats, breakfast sandwiches, and more breakfast-to-go ideas all workweek long.

Instagram-Worthy Breakfast Bowls You Can Make at Home

Sweet or savory, hot or cold, breakfast is better when served in a bowl. Fill it up with hearty, healthy, and delicious ingredients for a breakfast bowl recipe that's satisfying and nutritious. You'll start your day with your best foot forward—and maybe even get an Instagram out of the breakfast recipe.

Mediterranean Breakfast Recipes You'll Want to Eat All Day

Count on these Mediterranean breakfast ideas to get your day started on a happy note. Whether you choose a Mediterranean breakfast skillet, sandwich, omelet, casserole, or bowl, you’ll love the way our recipes call on the region’s vibrant ingredients to flavor-charge your a.m. meals.

Overnight Breakfast Grains to Make Your Mornings Easier

Breakfast grain recipes -- including oats, bulgur, and granola -- are a trend that will never tire out because they are so customizable. These simple grain recipes made overnight make easy, fiber-rich morning breakfasts. Feel free to substitute in your favorite fruits and yogurts for each recipe.

More Quick & Easy Breakfast Recipes

The Best Gluten-Free Christmas Breakfast

Serve up a delicious holiday breakfast on Christmas morning with these gluten-free delights. Your family will love them as much as their presents!

Quick Cooking School: How to Make Breakfast

Make your best breakfast ever -- whether it's for yourself or for guests -- with our quick and easy how-to videos for all of your favorite breakfast recipes. We show you the secrets for making perfectly crisp bacon and hash browns, poaching and boiling eggs, cooking fluffy pancakes and French toast, and more!