Start the day with melty rich chocolate. We've got decadent ideas for adding chocolate to your morning menu. Healthy options like dark chocolate yogurt and chocolate chip bran muffins are perfect for everyday, while indulgences like chocolate-dipped bacon are delicious for Sunday brunching. It's time to enjoy chocolate for breakfast!


Chocolate + Pancakes

Try our favorite twist on classic whole wheat pancakes. We've whipped up a fluffy banana-chocolate batter and topped each stack with a drizzle of chocolate sauce, syrup, and fresh berries. 

Chocolate + Muffins

Want to make basic bran muffins better? Toss in a handful of milk chocolate chips. In a hurry? Simply dress up a purchased muffin mix. 

Get our Bran Muffin recipe

Chocolate + Oatmeal

Top steel cut oats with chopped semisweet chocolate and prepare for melty, chocolate goodness. Try adding even more flavor to your bowl with a sprinkle of nuts and fresh berries. Or swirl in a spoonful of creamy peanut butter. 

Chocolate + Bacon

Dip crispy bacon in melted dark chocolate and you've got our favorite breakfast treat. Add even more flavor with a sprinkle of chopped pistachios. 

Chocolate + Yogurt

Chocolate and yogurt is a sweet and tangy match! Try topping a bowl of vanilla yogurt with fresh mango, toasted walnuts, and bittersweet chocolate curls. Don't have mango? Try swapping in strawberries or banana. 

More Chocolate for Breakfast!

Go ahead, have dessert for breakfast. These chocolaty recipes are delicious, easy, and totally worth the indulgence. 

Chocolate Breakfast Drinks

Our favorite way to enjoy chocolate for breakfast? In a sweet sip. Try one of our indulgent chocolate drinks and start your day the right way. 


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