Although breakfast cereal often comes from a box, it can also be in the form of steamy oatmeal, freshly baked granola, or a tasty porridge. Nab our best breakfast cereal recipes for a unique breakfast you can customize to your family.

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Spiced Papaya-Cranberry Granola

Turmeric in granola?! Who would've thought? Author and blogger, Nik Sharma, for one. The granola recipe still has all the sweetness and crunch you'd expect, but a few less common ingredients will have folks coming back for bite after bite to figure out what that flavor is.

Cheesy Grits Bowl

Stick to the basic cheesy grits or change it up with our chorizo, bacon and eggs, or spinach and tomato variations.

The New Chocolatey Winter Lucky Charms Would Make Frosty Proud

The limited-edition seasonal breakfast product has snowmen, snowball, and snowflake marshmallow shapes.

Pressure Cooker Peaches and Cream Breakfast Quinoa

Quinoa for breakfast? You'd better believe it! This easy Instant Pot recipe pressure cooks in just one minute, so you'll have no trouble getting out the door on time.

Pressure Cooker Multigrain Honey-Almond Breakfast Cereal

Not your usual oatmeal, this recipe includes oats, brown rice, barley, corn grits and millets--five different grains, if you lost count. Serve with your favorite berries for a quick and hearty breakfast!

Coconut-Chia Oat Crisps

Chia seeds pack a potent dose of omega-3s, fiber, and protein. If you prefer a nuttier flavor and more crumbly consistency, swap in flaxseed meal.

More Cereals

Pressure Cooker Bacon and Eggs Breakfast Bowl

Make this hearty breakfast bowl in your pressure cooker and stop mid-morning stomach growling before it starts! With 23 g protein and 10 g fiber you'll stay fueled for hours.

Hot Grains Power Bowl

A handful of shredded carrot, plus cinnamon and nutmeg, infuse each bite of this whole grain bowl recipe with the flavors of carrot cake!

Ginger-Sesame Oats with Mushrooms and Charred Green Onions

Try this savory porridge with other grains like quinoa, buckwheat, or barley.