15 Bakery-Worthy Pastry Recipes

Bring home the sweet smells and tempting treats of your favorite bakery. This sugar-sprinkled collection of our favorite pastry recipes bids adieu to blah breakfasts, desserts, and afternoon snacks.

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    Blueberry-Cream Cheese Pastries

    Attention blueberry-lovers: These flaky breakfast pastries are full of your favorite bite-size beries. Set them atop a spread made with cream cheese, vanilla, and lemon juice for a sweet-tart kickoff to the day.

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    Apple-Cheese Danish

    Layers of light and flaky puff pastry sheets, spiced apple slices, and cream cheese fill these Danish pastries. Save yourself some prep time and skip a step by substituting canned apple pie filling for the spiced apple mixture.

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    Cranberry-Pumpkin Scones with Sugared Pepitas

    Dried cranberries add a burst of zesty flavor to these deliciously earthy pumpkin scones. Can't find pepitas for the topping? Sub chopped toasted almonds instead.

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    Chocolate Cake Doughnuts

    Just one bite of these rich, chocolaty mini doughnuts and you'll be hooked. Bonus: These cocoa confections use low-fat yogurt and unsweetened cocoa powder, keeping them surprisingly low-cal!

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    Chocolate Cannoli

    Make easy work of these luscious Italian pastries -- a plastic bag quickly pipes a homemade chocolaty filling into purchased cannoli shells. Look for the shells at Italian food stores and larger supermarkets.

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    Surprising Ingredient for Cinnamon Rolls

    You'll never guess the secret to making these moist, gooey cinnamon rolls. Watch our video to learn how!

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    Orange-Chocolate Chip Muffins

    Combine the bright, citrusy flavor of orange juice and shredded orange peel with creamy chocolate in these moist muffins. A divine chocolate-walnut streusel topping sweetens every bite.

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    Danish Fruit and Cheese Pastries

    There's so much to love about these Danish pastries, from the homemade lemon curd icing to the shortcut premade sweet roll dough. But our favorite part? You pick the filling, making sure there's something for everyone!

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    Blueberry-Peach Custard Kuchen

    Kuchen, which is German for cake, describes a type of breakfast sweet popular in bakeries worldwide. Here, bright berries and peaches provide beautiful contrast to the sweet custard in the dessertlike pastry.

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    Cranberry-Lemon Scones

    These rich, moist scones get a punch of flavor from fresh cranberries and lemon zest. To cut the dough with ease, cover with plastic wrap and freeze for 20 minutes before slicing.

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    Gianduja Cream Puffs

    Some flavors were just meant to be, such as the chocolate and hazelnut that fill these luscious cream puffs. A decorating bag with a large star tip makes easy work of filling these treats.

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    Danish Pastry Apple Bars

    Serve up these apple pie-inspired Danish pastries for any breakfast guests! You'll love that one recipe makes 32 bars; they'll love the hidden layer of cornflakes that adds crunch to the flaky pastry treat.

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    Best Doughnuts

    This classic doughnut recipe from the 1953 edition of the Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book is our favorite. We've updated it to use butter (and more of it) instead of shortening, but kept its classic cinnamon-nutmeg spiciness.

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    French Market Beignets

    Originally developed in New Orleans, these elegant, fried French pastries are dusted with a generous coating of powdered sugar. Fun fact: The word "beignet" is actually French for "fritter."

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    Apple-Toffee Tartlets

    Get all the goodness of a caramel apple in just a few bites with this delicious blend of apple chucks, toffee bits, and brown sugar. A buttery pie crust shell holds these gooey-good pastries together.

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    Chocolate-Almond Croissants

    Start with purchased crescent roll dough to make these tender, rich chocolate pastries in just 35 minutes! A dark chocolate-and-almond paste fills these bakery-worthy treats.

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