16 Brunch Bread Recipes That Will Appeal to Carb-Lovers

Egg and Sausage Bread Bakes
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Breakfast might be the most important meal of the day, but brunch is certainly the most fun and delicious. From innovative bread puddings to dessert-inspired toast, these delectable bread recipes will bring the fun and flavor to any brunch table. Paired with mimosas and friends or enjoyed with a quiet cup of coffee for a late-morning snack, these versatile and scrumptious brunch breads will not disappoint.

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Cranberry Twist Bread

Cranberry Twist Bread

Get in the festive spirit with this holiday-inspired brunch bread. While tart cranberries are the star of this recipe, chopped pecans, sweet citrus and cozy pumpkin spice make this bread the perfect addition to a fall or winter brunch. Add a drizzle of the three-ingredient orange icing at the end to take the bread's sweetness to the next level.

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Streusel Toasts

Streusel Toasts

Calling all cream cheese lovers: This brunch bread recipe is the one for you. The sweet cream cheese filling will be hard to resist as you divide it among the French bread slices, but the end result—decadent, cream cheese-filled toast topped with salted caramel banana sauce and crunchy almonds—will make the wait worth it.

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Gluten-Free Banana Bread

Gluten Free Banana Bread

Cater to growling stomachs with a gluten-free version of a beloved breakfast bread. With the help of prebaked ripe bananas, rich melted butter and comforting spices like nutmeg and cinnamon, this gluten-free treat is just as moist and delicious as the real deal.

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Chocolate Bread Pudding

Chocolate Bread Pudding

Move dessert to the main course with this chocolate-lover's dream come true—because when it comes to brunch, rules don't apply. The moist bread pudding gets a double-dose of chocolate goodness, thanks to melted milk chocolate spread on and in between bread slices, and rich chocolate ganache poured over the top after baking.

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Mexican Bread Pudding

Mexican Bread Pudding

Make brunch a fiesta with this South-of-the-Border-inspired bread pudding. Mexican cinnamon sticks (aka, canela) and a splash of dark rum give this morning dessert authentic flair. Top with homemade cinnamon-pecan syrup at the end to take it to the next level.

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Crowd-Pleaser Cinnamon Rolls

cinnamon rolls

True to their name, these oversized cinnamon rolls will have your brunch guests begging for the recipe. These rolls are big and gooey and include everything there is to love about this brunch classic. Dig in while they're still warm and the cream cheese icing is melting into the bread, and you will never look at another cinnamon roll the same way again.

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Tiramisu Toast


Breakfast and dessert converge in this fancy, Italian-inspired French toast. Mascarpone cheese provides a fluffy and moist quality while coffee crystals produce that beloved Tiramisu flavor. Top with hot fudge and fresh raspberries for a treat worthy of a fancy restaurant. Bon appétit!

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Ribboned Banana Bread


It might be hard to believe you can take a delicious classic like banana bread and make it better, but this recipe will put your doubts to rest. Filled with a rich cream cheese mixture and seasoned with a hint of apple pie spice, this banana bread will have everyone reaching for seconds the next time you host brunch.

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Cherry and Golden Raisin Bread

Cherry and Golden Raisin Bread

This moist tea bread will bring simple elegance to any brunch table. The dried cherries and raisins add sweet texture while the luscious lemon glaze adds a citrus twist. Because of this bread's simplicity, it can be paired with a variety of dishes (like scones!), but it is so delicious it can be enjoyed just as well on its own.

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Banana Split Bread

Banana Split Bread slices with jam and butter
Jason Donnelly

This recipe takes the best ingredients from your favorite ice cream treat to make one creative banana bread. Delve into the familiar flavors of ripe bananas, tangy pineapple, rich chocolate and candied cherries, all woven into a dough made in a bread machine. To really drive the banana split theme home, serve this treat with a dollop of vanilla ice cream.

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Apple-Butter Cinnamon-Swirl Bread

Slices of Apple Butter Cinnamon-Swirl Bread on wood board
Brie Passano

Bring the sweet comfort of fall to the table with this irresistible apple bread. No matter the time of year, you'll immediately feel nostalgic for chilly weather and changing leaves as you bite into the autumn flavors of fresh apple, cinnamon, and best of all, apple butter.

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Everything Bagel Shortbread

Small everything shortbread cookies on platter with cream cheese on side
Brie Passano

Sometimes making a food item miniature makes it that much more appealing and snackable. These savory shortbread treats include everything you love about everything bagels, but they are a fraction of the size. Pair with cream cheese dip and you have the ultimate brunch appetizer.

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Brioche Bread Pudding Muffins with Maple Caramel

Brioche Bread Pudding Muffins with Maple Caramel
Carson Downing

What is better than French toast, bread pudding and muffins? French toast, bread pudding and muffins combined into one mouthwatering pull-apart pastry, of course. This recipe takes inspiration from popular brunch items and rolls them into one, creating individual sticky and sweet muffin-sized puddings.

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Hummingbird Bread

slices of Hummingbird Bread
Carson Downing

Treat your guests to the delectable, spiced fruit flavors of classic Hummingbird cake with this tasty and easy brunch bread. Each piece features sweet banana, tart pineapple, and hints of cinnamon and allspice. Add an extra dose of sweetness by pouring on cream cheese drizzle and topping with shredded coconut and pecans before serving.

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Apple-Cranberry Braid

Apple-Cranberry Braid
Zoë François

This braided bread recipe looks fancy enough for a spot on a royal's table, so no one will ever know it only took 15 minutes of hands-on time to prepare. You will feel like a true pastry chef as you wrap the dough around the citrus-y, cranberry filling and thinly sliced, juicy apples. Right before baking, brush an almond-sugar mixture on top of the bread to add a sweet crunch to every bite.

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Egg and Sausage Bread Bakes

Egg and Sausage Bread Bakes
Blaine Moats

Skip the glass baking pan—this savory brunch dish comes together right inside the bread itself! Use two hollowed-out loaves of Italian or French bread as the vessel for cooked sausage, eggs, veggies, and of course plenty of cheese that will have your guests coming back for seconds.

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