Seriously Scrumptious Brunch Breads

Cherry and Golden Raisin Bread
Bust out the mimosas -- it's brunch time! Including ooey-gooey rolls, best-ever banana bread, bread puddings, and fancy toast ideas, these brunch bread recipes round out the brunch menu and dress up the table in delicious style. You'll never have to hit the town for brunch again.

Cranberry Twist Bread

Cranberries, citrus, and pumpkin spice -- this golden bread is basically everything you love about fall twisted into one. Plus, the three-ingredient sauce can be made in a snap!

Streusel Toasts

Cream cheese filling and homemade Salted Caramel Banana Sauce make waking up on the weekend so worth it. Top this baked toast with sliced almonds for some crunch.

Spiced Blueberry Monkey Loaves

Sun's up and so are we, thanks to this citrus-blueberry monkey bread. Our favorite part? It's made with refrigerated biscuits. Prep has never been easier!

Ribboned Banana Bread

How do you make gooey banana bread better? Bake it with apple pie spice and fill it with cream cheese! Yep, we'd go bananas for a slice any day.

Top Your Toast

Gone are the mornings of PB&J toast. From apple-raisin to garden veggie, these genius toast toppers are sure to start your morning off right.

Gluten-Free Banana Bread

Cater to all growling stomachs with a gluten-free version of everyone's favorite breakfast bread: banana. Ginger and nutmeg give it cozy hints of childhood nostalgia.

Cherry-Coconut Angel Rolls

Some treats you just can't wait for the "OK" to eat. These better-than-cinnamon rolls are stuffed with candied cherries and flaky coconut.

If you've ever felt like a short-order cook while making French toast a few slices at a time, you'll appreciate this decadent bread casserole breakfast recipe. You'll have 12 servings ready to go (hot out of the slow cooker!) all at once. The full recipe appears at the end of the video.

Bananas + Caramel = Slow Cooker Perfection

Move over, PB. Homemade caramel sauce steals banana's heart in this undeniable slow cooker bread casserole.

Hong Kong Sesame Toast Strips

Channel your childhood self with dunkable French toast sticks. Dip the revamped strips into one of three sweet sauces: orange marmalade, apricot preserves, or basic maple syrup.

Chocolate Bread Pudding

Chocolate or bread? We couldn't decide which we wanted, so we put them together in the most delicious bread pudding you've never had.

Gooey Monkey Bread

Sticky fingers won't bring us down, especially when it comes to this ooey-gooey monkey bread. The childhood favorite starts with a can of refrigerated biscuits and finishes with an undeniable caramel coating.

Mango-Stuffed Lassi Toast

Stuffed with mango cream cheese and coated in salty pistachios, there's a lot to love about this fruity breakfast bread. Drizzle in silky syrup or mango lassi sauce.

Mexican Bread Pudding

Mexican cinnamon sticks (aka canela) and a splash of dark rum give this breakfast bread pudding authentic flair. Top with cinnamon-pecan syrup for the ultimate a.m. treat.

Crowd-Pleaser Cinnamon Rolls

They're big, they're gooey, and everybody loves them! Cinnamon rolls don't last long, especially when they're homemade with this delicious recipe from the Crusader Cafe in Butler, Kansas.

Frosted Pumpkin Bread

Canned pumpkin and chocolate frosting make a duo so delish, you'll wish you thought of it first. Espresso powder makes it all the more addictive.

Tiramisu Toast

Bon appetit! This Italian-inspired toast is fancy enough for the pope himself. It's made with marscarpone, coffee crystals, and -- best of all -- hot fudge.

The secret ingredient in these irresistible cinnamon rolls? Mashed potatoes! The potatoes add moisture and structure without contributing to the development of gluten -- see how!

Cinnamon Rolls: The Secret Ingredient You've Been Missing

Potatoes: the one ingredient you should have been using for cinnamon rolls all along! Watch and learn.

Best Banana Bread (Like, Ever)

Thought you knew good banana bread? Think again. This recipe beats out any and all -- you can thank the streusel-nut topping and secret banana-prep step for that.

Double-Decker Pumpkin Bread

Spiced with ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg, and filled with plenty of pumpkin goodness, this beautiful brunch bread also makes a lovely gift.

Two-Tone Banana Bread

Chocolate-banana bread, served with a creamy chocolate-hazelnut spread, makes an irresistible brunch dessert.

Strawberry-Stuffed French Toast

Whoever said you can't have dessert first clearly hasn't tried this strawberry goodness. All you need are store-bought croissants and a tub of strawberry cream cheese.

Italian Doughnuts

Ricotta cheese is the secret ingredient in these moist and delicious fried doughnut holes. Pop in a few before they're gone!

Cinnamon Fantans

Making slits in the dough before baking not only creates a playful fantail shape for the rolls, it also gives the lucky eater a sneak preview of the scrumptious cinnamon filling inside.

Cherry and Golden Raisin Bread

A light lemon glaze tops this moist tea bread, filled with dried cherries (or cranberries) and golden raisins. The recipe doubles easily, so you can make one loaf for family and another for friends.

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