Brunch Recipes

Get your mimosas ready! Brunch food might be the best way to celebrate the weekend, and we’re here to help with our expansive list of brunch recipes and tips. Make your holiday menu steal the show with our ideas for the perfect Mother’s Day brunch or Easter Brunch. Try making our famous cinnamon rolls and our egg recipe favorites (hello cheese souffle!) to satisfy the whole crowd.

Pull-Apart Bread Recipes

If you’re in the mood for a rich, cheesy or caramel-filled treat, these pull-apart breads will make a great addition to your party spread or brunch menu. Choose savory or sweet, then step back as your guests dive in to snag a piece. Most of these recipes make a great midmorning treat, but you can also bake them up as an appetizer or side dish.
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Host an Outdoor Grilled Summer Brunch

It all starts with your grill! No need to heat up your oven or stand behind the stove. This easy summer brunch menu features grilled breakfast pizzas, fruit, and a fun bloody mary bar.
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Mediterranean Breakfast Recipes You'll Want to Eat All Day

Count on these Mediterranean breakfast ideas to get your day started on a happy note. Whether you choose a Mediterranean breakfast skillet, sandwich, omelet, casserole, or bowl, you’ll love the way our recipes call on the region’s vibrant ingredients to flavor-charge your a.m. meals.
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Throw an Instagram-Worthy Brunch

Brunch is all about the Instagram-ability. Each one of these recipes is so pretty, you'll be convinced it was made with hashtags in mind -- and they taste as good as they look. These brunch recipes, which include ingredients like sweet strawberries, spicy salsa, and crisp bacon, are #brunchgoals.
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An Indulgent Breakfast Tasting Menu

Who says fine dining is reserved for dinnertime? This multicourse indulgent breakfast is a luxurious weekend treat.
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More Brunch Recipes

Our 35 Best Brunch Recipes of All Time

Whether you're planning a simple brunch for a small group or a holiday brunch to wow your crowd, we've got the right recipes. Choose from sweet pancakes, savory breakfast sandwiches, hearty egg casseroles, and other simple brunch menu ideas.
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Egg Recipes for Breakfast

When it comes to the best breakfast recipes, there's just no competing with the ever-popular egg. Protein-rich egg breakfasts are fluffy and delicious, plus they have staying power for busy days. Poached, scrambled, hard-boiled, or over easy—however you prefer your eggs, we have a variety of delicious egg breakfast recipes to start your day.
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How to Make Hashbrowns

No breakfast is complete without crispy, buttery hash brown potatoes. Watch as we show you the tricks and tips for how to make hash browns that are perfect every time.