4 Breakfast Salads That Prove Greens Belong on Your Morning Menu

With eggs, fruit, bacon, and/or whole grains tossed in the mix, breakfast salad just makes sense.

It often feels like I’m in the minority, but I deeply love salads! I pay the upcharge for side salads instead of fries or chips when dining out. We eat homemade salads for dinner regularly. Heck, my birthday dinner this year was a steak salad from a local restaurant. Salads are colorful, flavorful, filled with a variety of textures, and (as long as I don’t overdo unhealthy mix-ins like croutons or fried tortilla strips) they’re nutrient-rich to boot. That’s why I’m enthusiastically embracing breakfast salads. Eating salad for breakfast is a trend I’ve just seen starting to bubble up, but I know if more of you try breakfast egg salads and breakfast fruit salads, you’re gonna be hooked, too. All you other salad lovers out there, try serving these breakfast salads to naysayers to prove that salads deserve a spot on the breakfast menu.

Breakfast Salad with Avocado and Eggs
Jason Donnelly

Breakfast Salad with Avocado and Eggs

So long, avocado toast, we've moved on to breakfast egg salads with avocado mixed in. The dressing on this salad is full of fresh flavors from basil, parsley, and lemon (both juice and zest). And as you cut into the poached egg on top the yolk and dressing run together for a salad dressing unlike any you've tasted.

Breakfast Salad
Hannah Bigot

Breakfast Salad

Bagels, bacon, berries, yogurt, and eggs. Sounds like breakfast, doesn't it? Agreed! This breakfast salad doubles down on food trends, too through the addition of everything bagel seasoning in the yogurt-based dressing.

Bacon and Pear Autumn Salad
Andy Lyons

Bacon & Pear Autumn Salad

Use your favorite grain as the base of this breakfast grain salad. Whole grains such as farro, quinoa, bulgur, and oats are a few great options. Then add some fresh leafy greens (it is a salad after all) and more expected breakfast ingredients: bacon and pears. Feel free to swap in apples for the pears, if you have a bounty from your apple orchard trip.

Grain Salad with Greens, Cherries, and Crispy Bacon
Blaine Moats

Grain Salad with Greens, Cherries, and Crispy Bacon

If you've been there, done that with the overnight oats trend, move on to even heartier grain salads for breakfast. This one uses nutty farro as the base then gets kale, bacon, and cherries added to the mix. A final topping of blue cheese adds tang and indulgence. This recipe will keep you full until lunch thanks to 5 grams of fiber and 11 grams of protein.

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