Tasty Breakfast Drinks: Coffee, Tea & Smoothies

You can create delicious, coffeehouse-worthy drinks in your kitchen to start your day off right. No need for bland instant coffee or long lines at a coffee or smoothie shop!

Cinnamon Coffee

Add a bit of indulgence to your morning cup of coffee with a little cinnamon and whipped cream. It looks and tastes like a drink from a coffee shop, but you don't have to change out of your pajamas to drink it.

Cherry-Berry Smoothies

Start off your day with a full serving of fruit from this sweet-tart breakfast smoothie. Remember, you can swap frozen fruits for fresh for an icier drink.

Watch our so-simple formula for how to make a smoothie. We break down the four ingredients you need for tasty smoothies (hint: ice isn’t one of them).

How to Make a Smoothie

Check out our formula for great smoothies, no matter your fruit preference!

Caramelized Banana Champurrado

Keep a close eye on this creamy drink as it cooks so it doesn't scorch. The great caramelized banana and chocolate flavors are worth the extra attention.

Good Morning Mulled Punch

A warm mug of fruity spiced punch is the perfect breakfast drink for kids and noncoffee drinkers. If you’re hosting a large group, double the recipe and keep it warm in a slow cooker.

Orange-Spice Coffee

Infuse your regular cup of joe with the comforting flavors of fall by adding citrus and spices to your coffee filter before brewing. If you like this version, play with other favorite ingredients for your own customized coffee.

Spiced Black Tea

The spices and juices add delicate background flavor to the strong tea in this cozy drink. For even more citrus flavor, use a citrus-infused tea in place of regular black tea.


Three ingredients is all it takes to make this budget-friendly juice cocktail. Give each glass a summery feel by adding fresh slices of lemon or orange.

Blueberry Sunrise Smoothie

This fruit smoothie gets a punch of protein from a surprising source -- a scrambled egg! With the blend of fresh fruit and juices lending pleasant sweetness, you’d never guess there’s an egg in it to help fuel your morning.

Orange-Mango Agua Fresca

The sweetness of this refreshing fruity drink depends in part on how ripe your mango is. Add the optional honey for a sweeter finish.

Iced Espresso

Add a special touch to this breakfast beverage by grating delicious semisweet chocolate over the top. Garnishing with orange peel or orange slices enhances the subtle citrus flavor.

Sunrise Sippers

With options for alcoholic and kid-friendly versions, this sipper is wonderful at sunrise or sunset. Dress up this already pretty drink by adding a maraschino cherry.


Strawberry ice cubes add a bright pop of color to this classic brunch beverage. If you don't have strawberries on hand, you can easily swap in any other berry.

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