Top Your Toast!

We propose a toast to bread -- for without bread, there would be no toast.

Tempting Toast Toppings

Is savory your thing? Or more of a sweet tooth? No matter your first-bite-of-the-day preference, these terrific toast toppers kick off your a.m. (or your afternoon or, heck, dinner) with the best use of sliced bread ever.


Peachy Keen Toast

Ricotta Cheese + Peach Slices + Sliced Almonds + Honey

Egg-On-Your-Open-Face Toast

Mayonnaise + Sliced Hard-Cooked Egg + Chopped Sweet Pickles

Elvis' Favorite Toast

Peanut Butter + Banana Slices + Crumbled Bacon

More ways to eat bacon? Yes, please! Spread this jam recipe on anything that needs a savory kick.

Cowboy-Inspired Toast

Homemade Bacon-Shallot Jam

Rabbit Food Toast

Hummus + Cucumber Slices + Radish Slices + Sriracha Sauce

Hamming-It-Up Toast

Cream Cheese + Sliced Ham + Fruit Jam

Teacher's Pet Toast

Nut Butter + Maple Syrup + Apple Slices + Raisins

Ole! Eggy Toast

Fried Egg + Chopped Tomatoes + Chopped Red Onions + Cilantro

Fishy Fishy Fishy Toast

Mayonnaise + Tuna + Carrot Shreds + Chopped Red Onion

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