9 Ways to Eat Avocado for Breakfast (That Aren't Toast)

We'd never turn down a new avocado breakfast idea.

Avocado toast seems to be getting all the breakfast menu glory, but it’s not the only way to eat avocado for breakfast. We’ve pulled together our best avocado breakfast ideas that go beyond toast to change up how you’re eating your favorite green fruit with your morning meal. Get creative and stuff an avocado half, make avocado the star of an omelet or salad, or add it to an oatmeal recipe for a savory spin.

Avocado and Egg Breakfast Recipes

After toast, eggs seem the most natural partner for avocados at breakfast. For folks following a Paleo or Keto diet plan, many of these avocado breakfast recipes fit right in. For those not following a diet plan, they're simply a delicious way to start your day.

Avocado Egg Bake

Avocado Egg Bake

Put your ham and eggs into an avocado half for breakfast and you’ll get a lower-carb morning meal, plus a decent dose of fiber. This four-ingredient breakfast is doable on busy mornings, too—it comes together in 25 minutes or less. By the way: One of those four ingredients is everything bagel seasoning, so you know it's irresistible.

Paleo Avocado Deviled Eggs sprinkled with green onions and pepper

Paleo Avocado Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs shouldn’t be reserved only for potlucks and tailgates. They also make a savory, protein-filled breakfast. Round out your egg breakfast with a side of toast (if you're not following Paleo), fresh fruit, or bacon.

Debbie Shore's Pepper-Avocado Omelet

Pepper Avocado Omelet

Don’t just top your eggs with avocado—cook it into your omelet. In this recipe, avocado soothes the kick from the jalapeño and will help keep you feeling full. The flavors from the homemade roasted tomato compote can't be beat, but you can swap in purchased fresh salsa if you're in a time crunch.

Southwestern Bean and Andouille Frittata

Southwestern Bean and Andouille Frittata

If you add avocado to breakfast tacos and burritos, why not top a frittata with avocado? This healthy breakfast is brimming with onions, beans, and sweet peppers and topped with avocado and tomato to help you start your day on a nutritious note.

Breakfast Salads with Avocado

You read that right. We're starting our day with salad. Make a savory breakfast salad or take it sweet. Either way, fresh avocado ties in deliciously.

Breakfast Salad

Breakfast Salad

Yes, salad can be—and is—on the breakfast menu. This salad hits all the breakfast categories: eggs, bacon, fruit, nuts, and even bagel pieces in place of croutons. Cook the egg on top just to your liking, whether poached, sunny-side up, over-hard, or hard-boiled. We're fans of any method with a runny yolk so it can serve as extra "dressing."

Avocado & Caramelized Pineapple

Avocado and Caramelized Pineapple Salad

Here’s a fresh take on fruit salad for your next brunch gathering: sweet, caramelized pineapple is balanced with hot chili powder, creamy avocado, sweet berries, and crisp romaine lettuce.

Avocado Egg Salad

Avocado Egg Salad

This low-carb breakfast is creamy thanks to mayo and, obviously, avocado, with a surprisingly fresh hit of bright lemon juice and juicy tomato slices. The walnuts and hard-boiled eggs fuel you with 10 grams of protein so you'll be satisfied until lunch.

On-the-Go Avocado Breakfast Recipes

When you need a breakfast you can take with you in the car to the office, give these make-and-take breakfast recipes with avocado a try.

Oatmeal with Sunny-Side Up Eggs, Avocado, Cheddar and Chives

Oatmeal with Sunny-Side Up Eggs, Avocado, Cheddar, and Chives

Put a fresh spin on your morning oatmeal and go savory—add an egg, avocado, sharp-flavored cheese, and herbs. Plus you get a fiber-packed, protein-rich breakfast that’ll keep you feeling full well into midday. To take it with you, assemble the oatmeal in a Mason jar or reusable plastic container. If you like, skip cooking the egg and instead purchase hard-boiled eggs to add on top.

Avocado Smoothie

Avocado Smoothie

Blending avocado into your smoothie adds a creamy, rich texture, as well as important skin- and eye-healthy nutrients like vitamin A, lutein, and zeaxanthin. Banana, orange juice, and honey keep the expected sweetness of a smoothie recipe, so even though it looks like a veggie-packed smoothie, this one is all fruit.

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