Breakfast and Brunch Recipes

Enjoying a delicious breakfast is the perfect way to start your day. Try your hand at a variety of our best breakfast recipes, including hot cereals, sweet breads, savory eggs, and casseroles. Whether serving guests, family, or just yourself, our scrumptious breakfast ideas will get the day started right.

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Bacon-Spinach Egg Bites
Use any half-pint oven-safe vessel to make these individual coffee shop-style egg bites. For a fluffier texture, add 1 tablespoon water to the egg mixture before baking.
French Toast Cubes
Cutting a loaf of bread into cubes rather than slices turns French toast into bite-size finger food. Try this technique with any type of artisan bread, including those with fruit or nuts.
Pea and Potato Quiche with Honey Wheat Crust
Fresh peas, tender Yukon gold potatoes, tangy goat cheese, and lemon zest give classic quiche a light, bright flavor that's ideal for brunch.
Sausage-Gravy Breakfast Pizza
Here's a new take on biscuits and gravy to start your day. Complete with a biscuit crust, sausage-gravy sauce, eggs, and cheese, this is a breakfast pizza recipe that combines all-star morning faves into one delicious bite.
Spanish-Style Tortilla with a Twist
Inspired by Ubi Simpson's years living in Spain, this Spanish-style omelette, known as a tortilla, can be made in a cast-iron skillet on a grill or over a campfire.
Seeds and Fruit Muesli
Traditionally, Swiss-German muesli requires an overnight soak for the oats, with a topping of nuts, fresh apple, and yogurt before eating. We streamlined the recipe so you can make the cereal mix ahead and skip the soak.

More Breakfast and Brunch Recipes

Build-Your-Own Eggs Benedict
To simplify this brunch favorite, our Test Kitchen tested several techniques and found that an easy poaching method happens to be the best one¿and you can¿t beat a blender for making foolproof hollandaise.
Air-Fryer Breakfast Burritos
Fill a tortilla with air-fried eggs, cheese, and avocado before allowing your air-fryer to get it nice and crispy. It's the perfect on-the-go breakfast recipe for busy mornings.
Eggs and Bacon Dutch Baby

Classic eggs and bacon combo shine in a brand new way.Make this savory puffed oven pancake the next time you want to impress guests without a lot of effort.