Tea & Breakfast Breads

Find recipes for yeast, tea, and quick homemade breads perfect for brunch, parties, and family meals.

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    Carrot Bread with Cream Cheese Icing

    Top this cinnamon-flavored carrot bread with tangy cream cheese icing and homemade candied carrots.

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    Chocolate-Cherry Banana Bread

    Miniature chocolate pieces are scattered throughout this quick bread, making a little chocolate seem like a lot. Add pizzazz by mixing in red and green maraschino cherries.

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    Apple Butter-Banana Bread

    Ripe bananas and apple butter impart a sweet, round flavor and a moistness that can't be beat.

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    Spiral Apple Dumplings

    These are not your typical dumplings. They look like cinnamon rolls, but they're really pastry wrapped around a shredded apple filling.

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    Citrus Breakfast Cake

    For a special breakfast treat, drizzle a mixture of powdered sugar and orange juice over this warm cake and top with nuts.

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    Overnight Coffee Cake

    Make this easy coffee cake ahead, refrigerate up to 24 hours, then bake.

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    Cranberry Twist Bread

    Although the orange-flavored drizzle makes a stunning addition to this Cranberry Twist Bread, you can omit it to further reduce the calories.

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    English Muffin Bread

    For a can't-miss breakfast or snack, toast slices of this delightfully sturdy bread -- known for its crunchy, coarse texture -- and slather them with honey butter, jam, or spreadable fruit.

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    Apple Strudel Bread

    The filling boasts the traditional flavors of a classic apple strudel -- apples, raisins, brown sugar, and cinnamon. But thanks to the bread machine, this luscious loaf is much simpler to make.

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    Festive Fruit-and-Nut Panettone

    Originally from Milan, Italy, and served at Christmas and other special occasions, this wonderful fruit-and-nut bread can be served anytime from breakfast to a midnight snack.

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    Sunflower Seed Bread

    This bread has a wonderful crunch of sunflower seeds and a hint of orange flavor. This hearty loaf is terrific plain or toasted and slathered with butter or orange marmalade.

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    Blueberry Muffin Bread

    This light and luscious bread studded with blueberries has a whisper of nutmeg. It's a great treat any time of day.

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    Cinnamon Swirl Bread for 16

    The aroma alone will tell everyone that this Cinnamon Swirl Bread is special and delicious.

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    Orange-Date Pumpkin Bread

    Orange and Date Pumpkin Bread is an enticing, honey-sweetened treat. It really shines when served with reduced-fat cream cheese flavored with a little grated orange peel.

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    Sour Cream Bread

    Gooey-good sweetened cream cheese fills this rich and wonderful bread.

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    Lemon Drop Bread

    The lemon flavor comes from both lemon drop candy and lemon peel. Add a lemon glaze for even more flavor and this Lemon Drop Bread could be called Triple Lemon Bread.

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    Almond Twirl Bread

    This impressive Almond Twirl bread will be the star of any breakfast, brunch, or afternoon tea. It's like having home-baked cinnamon rolls in a ring.

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    Apple-Cinnamon Bread

    This low-fat bread with a cinnamon-apple spiral is great for breakfast or a midmorning treat. Warm up a slice or two in the microwave and spread with apple butter.

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    Dark Chocolate Mini Muffins

    If you don't have enough muffin cups, bake in batches.

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    Monkey Bread

    All the makings of a sinfully, yummy breakfast bread -- warmth, goo, nuts, and cinnamon. What makes Monkey Bread extra special is that it's fun to eat. The cake pulls apart into individual scrumptious rolls.

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    Pumpkin Spice Loaves

    Pumpkin bread is always a favorite, and the addition of a nut topping (baked into the loaves at the bottom of the pan) is a wonderful crunchy surprise.

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    Apple Pie Bread

    Move over apple pie! This bread -- with its moist apple flavor and crunchy streusel-nut topping -- may become the new American standard.

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    Spiced Pear-Cherry Bread

    Include a container of Spiced Cream Cheese Butter when giving this moist cherry- and nut-studded bread as a gift.

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    Date-Nut Bread

    Sweet dates contract nicely with the salty mixed nuts. Be sure to buy whole dates that are not already sugared.

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    Cinnamon-Swirl Bread

    Marble the cinnamon-nut streusel throughout the batter so there's luscious crunch in every bite of bread.

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    Hazelnut-Blueberry Bread

    For different flavor combos, choose between dried blueberries or cranberries and between hazelnuts or pecans. Our taste panel was especially fond of the bread's toasty nut flavor.

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    Chocolate-Cashew Bread

    Looking for a gift idea that is one-of-a-kind and luxurious, yet inexpensive to make? This fabulous bread is sure to delight your friends, neighbors, or teachers. Wrap the loaves in red cellophane and add a sprig of artificial greenery instead of a bow.

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    Cranberry-Orange Loaf

    Filled with dried figs or apricots, pistachios, and cranberries and touched with a whisper of orange, this loaf stacks up with the best of holiday baking. Choose Calimyrna figs for the prettiest loaf.

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    Fruited Pumpkin Loaf

    Serve this apricot-filled pumpkin bread for breakfast during the Thanksgiving weekend, or present it to your hosts as a treat. You don't have to tell anyone that it starts with a mix.

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    Vermont Streusel Cake

    Moist and maple -- two words that fit quite well together. Add in streusel and you have one great cake that makes a wonderful fall dessert, a sweet snack for midmorning coffee, or a special holiday gift.

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    Cranberry-Black Walnut Coffee Cake

    This is the kind of old-fashioned home baking that makes a cook's reputation and establishes a sweet family tradition. Cut the cake into thick wedges and serve it warm for brunch or as dessert.

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    Banana Bread

    For a special treat, serve honey butter with this moist bread that's full of bananas.

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