Our 13 Best Cornbread Recipes

Spiced Nuts and Zucchini Cornbread with butter

Here's how to make cornbread any way you like it! This collection includes our best cornbread recipes ever. We start with our classic sweet cornbread recipe, then show you all kinds of variations, including a traditional Southern cornbread recipe, four takes on cast-iron cornbread, and a number of ways to whip up a great buttermilk cornbread recipe. You'll also find plenty of spot-on recipes for cornbread muffins, too.

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Spiced Nuts and Zucchini Cornbread

Spiced Nuts and Zucchini Cornbread with butter

Here we've added quite a few easy stir-ins to the usual cornbread ingredients for one of our best cornbread recipes ever. Zucchini and applesauce help make this a super-moist cornbread recipe, while the spicy nuts and creamed corn add extra flavor and texture.

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Cornbread Muffins

Corn bread muffins on cooling rack

This recipe for cornbread muffins is actually four recipes in one! Check out the variations to make Orange-Cranberry Cornbread Muffins, Honey-Poppy Seed Cornbread Muffins, or Maple-Bacon Cornbread Muffins. Or stick with the basic ingredients for a classic, go-with-anything sweet cornbread recipe.

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Corn and Poblano Spoon Bread

Corn and Poblano Spoon Bread with wood spoon

Here's another moist cornbread recipe. In fact, it's so moist you need to scoop it with a spoon! Try it as side dish to barbecue meats. Or serve it in the bowl alongside your thickest chili.

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Peach-Prosciutto Cornbread Muffins

Peach-Prosciutto Cornbread Muffins on cooling rack

We designed these cornbread muffins as a breakfast treat, but we can't see any reason why they wouldn't go swimmingly with a steaming bowl of soup in winter or a patio-perfect salad in summer. Note that while the list of cornbread ingredients usually includes milk, we've swapped in half-and-half or light cream for extra richness.

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Bacon Cornbread

Bacon Corn bread sliced with butter

This pleasantly moist cornbread recipe shows you how to make cornbread in the slow cooker. And with bacon and whole kernel corn added to the list of cornbread ingredients, how can you go wrong?

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Savory Zucchini Cornbread Muffins

Savory Zucchini Muffins video still

Look closer! These are no ordinary cornbread muffins. We've baked a hard-cooked egg inside each one. Indeed, this recipe shows you how to make cornbread into a main dish. Serve with bacon or sausage, and you're set for a great weekend breakfast!

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Cornmeal Blueberry Scones

Cornmeal Blueberry Scones with frosting

Looking for a sweet cornbread recipe? Maybe what you really want is a cornbread scone! This quick bread has blueberries and two kinds of sugar for extra layers of sweetness. Serve it as a teatime treat or with soup or salad for lunch.

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Pull-Apart Cornmeal Dinner Rolls

Pull-Apart Cornmeal Dinner Rolls on parchment paper with butter

What's a dinner roll doing in our list of best cornbread recipes? We couldn't resist! When you have a little extra time, this tender yeast bread is a great alternative, especially when you're serving a crowd—the recipe makes 32 rolls.

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Crusty Cornbread

Crusty Cornbread with honey on pedestal
Andy Lyons

You found it! The buttermilk cornbread recipe you're looking for. Because it has no flour or sugar, it also boasts the hearty texture of a classic Southern cornbread recipe. If you really want to stay true to the South, serve it with molasses instead of honey-butter.

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Cornmeal Griddle Cakes

Cornmeal Griddle Cakes with sour cream

You might be wondering why we put cornmeal griddle cakes on our list of best cornbread recipes, but we think it makes perfect sense! These satisfying disks are a super-crispy, pan-fried cousin to the usual buttermilk cornbread recipe. Serve them with anything you'd eat with cornbread: chili, red beans and rice, navy bean soup, and more!

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Lemon-Blueberry Corn Cake

Lemon-Blueberry Corn Cake with fresh blueberries and lemons

If you're looking for a sweet cornbread recipe, this might be the sweetest option in our files! With blueberries and an extra touch of sugar, it tastes like a cross between blueberry muffins and cornbread muffins, making it a great choice to serve with breakfast or brunch.

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Chicken Stew with Cornmeal Dumplings

Chicken Stew with Cornmeal Dumplings pot with wood spoon
Andy Lyons

Here's how to make cornbread without turning on your stove! Cornmeal dumplings taste a lot like cornmeal muffins—the difference is that you steam the dumplings directly on top of a stew on the stove top rather than baking them in muffin cups in the oven. In our book, that means one less pan to clean!

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Pumpkin Cornbread

Pumpkin Corn bread with butter

Here's a textbook case on how to make cornbread moist: Add pumpkin to the cornbread ingredients! PS: Check out the recipe variation if you prefer to make cornbread muffins.

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