Make your own crackers and add a personal touch to appetizers and snacks.

Cumin Caraway Rounds

Cumin Caraway Rounds These crispy crackers with caraway seed taste like rye bread with a crunch!

Herb Crackers Serve these homemade Swiss cheese and chive crackers for happy hour. A great snack that can be prepared in advance.

Salt-and-Pepper Crackers Corn tortilla flour can be found in most supermarkets or Hispanic markets.

Cheese Crackers These crisp appetizer tidbits can be made in advance and chilled until nearly serving time. Then just slice them, bake them, and serve them fresh from the oven.

Scandinavian Oatmeal Crackers You'll love the crispness of these lightly sweetened crackers. Start them off by making your own oat flour in a food processor or blender.

Spicy Double-Cheese Straws Two cheeses -- cheddar and Parmesan -- add flavor to these crackers. For a stronger cheese taste, use an aged cheddar cheese.


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