Bread Machine Recipes for Homemade Loaves at the Touch of a Button

Looking for beyond basic bread machine recipes? You're in the right place.

Bread machines are making a huge comeback in the home-baking world—especially in the last year with all the extra time at home. The handy little tool mixes, kneads, proofs, and bakes perfect loaves of bread with minimal hands-on time. And of course, your kitchen will smell absolutely divine. No matter your level of bread-making expertise, a bread machine is an excellent way to get homemade sandwich bread, pizza dough, and dinner rolls on the table with just the push of a button. Here are five amazing bread machine recipes to get your baking journey started.

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Lemon-Blueberry Bread

Your breakfast toast is about to get a serious upgrade. The base of this bread machine recipe starts like a simple loaf (it even uses the white bread button setting) but adds juicy blueberries, tangy lemon zest, and a hint of sugar to sweeten the deal. Drizzle with a simple powdered sugar glaze or enjoy with lemon curd.

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Banana Split Bread

Banana Split Bread slices with jam and butter
Jason Donnelly

No yeast on hand? Most newer models of bread machines have a quick bread button, so you can make this delicious banana bread. We added pineapples, cherries, and chocolate chips to pay tribute to the classic ice cream treat.

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Roasted Garlic and Stout Bread

Roasted Garlic and Stout Bread on wood platter with roasted garlic bulb and oil bottle
Jason Donnelly

Dark beer gives this whole wheat bread machine recipe its rich flavor. An entire bulb of roasted garlic provides a mild, tangy flavor in every bite.

Test Kitchen Tip: Labels can be confusing. You can use instant yeast, rapid rise yeast, or bread machine yeast ($5, Walmart) in these recipes. The names are interchangeable.

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Sweet Hawaiian Rolls

Sweet Hawaiian Rolls with Coconut-Macadamia Topper on cutting board
Jason Donnelly

If you can't get enough of the store-bought version, just wait until you try this sweet bread machine recipe. The dinner rolls get a tropical flair and sweet taste from pineapple juice and brown sugar.

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Smoked Almond Curry Bread

Smoked Almond Curry Bread slices with chutney
Jason Donnelly

Here's a new bread machine recipe to add to your Pinterest board. Curry powder, finely-chopped smoked almonds, and dried currants take a basic bread recipe to the next level. Enjoy a slice with your favorite homemade jam and a cup of tea.

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