Quick Cooking School: How to Prepare Meat

How to Make Fried Chicken
No matter the meat you're working with -- beef, chicken, pork, or seafood -- we can help you prepare it for a delicious dinner tonight. Get all of our great tips in these quick videos.

Everyone loves a good steak. We show you how to cook a steak to perfection -- our technique includes a secret trick for testing steak temperature when cooking.

How to Cook a Steak

When it comes to a satisfying dinner, nothing is better than a delicious steak. Ensure that you get the most from this pricier cut of meat with our tips.

Our kitchen expert helps you roast a chicken to perfection -- a technique every cook should master. A bed of vegetables adds flavor to your roast chicken without adding sodium, plus the vegetables ensure that you don'€™t need a roasting rack to make this popular recipe.

How to Bake a Chicken

Bake a whole chicken in a bed of vegetables for a crowd-pleasing dinner every chef should have in their repertoire.

Follow our three steps to perfect baked pork chops every time. It'€™s a cinch: Just season, sear, and bake for a moist and juicy pork chop dinner.

How to Bake Pork Chops

Get the skillet and don't skip the searing step -- here's our method for the tastiest pork chops you've ever had.

Tackle a holiday favorite -- roast beef tenderloin -- with ease. Our preparation tips, roasting times and temperatures, and flavor-boosting tips ensure your roast beef tenderloin turns out great every time.

How to Roast Beef Tenderloin

Enjoy roast beef tenderloin tonight -- it's easier than you think. We'll help you flavor it just right.

Learning how to cook shrimp is easier than you think. Watch as we show you how to peel and devein shrimp so you can use it in delicious everyday recipes.

How to Cook Shrimp

Start by peeling and deveining shrimp to get to the tasty meat of this delightful seafood. See our method for prepping shrimp.

It'€™s so easy to bake salmon (and so good for you) that we bet our technique becomes a dinnertime staple.

How to Bake Salmon

Enjoy good-for-you salmon from your oven. Our know-when-it's-done tricks ensure that your dinner is delicious.

A juicy baked ham turns any gathering into a special occasion, and though a baked-ham entree looks elegant, it'€™s a snap to prepare. See our easy method to bake ham for a full-of-flavor meal the whole family will love.

How to Bake a Ham

Did you know that the ham you buy at the grocery store is already cooked? All you have to do is heat it through and add any flavor you'd like to enhance its sweet-and-savory taste.

Transform weeknight chicken breast into a meal everyone will love. We’ll show you how to bake chicken breast for a flavorful main dish in a flash.

How to Bake Chicken Breast

Chicken is the most popular main dish, and chicken breast is the easiest way to enjoy it. We'll show you the spices we love to add to perk up your chicken dinner.

Cooked ground beef is super helpful to keep on hand giving you the ability to whip up a family-friendly meal in minutes. Watch as we show you how to brown ground beef using our easy tips for perfectly cooked beef.

How to Brown Ground Beef

Ground beef works great in many dinner staples: tacos, casseroles, pasta bakes, and more. Check out our tips for browning it.

Keeping cooked chicken on hand can save dinner any night when time is tight -- simply add it to pasta, tacos, salads, pizza, or sandwiches for an easy family-friendly meal. Watch as we show you how to boil chicken for perfect juicy results.

How to Boil Chicken

Boiling chicken is a nice alternative to baking, and it helps you put together a meal in a jiffy.

Layer on the flavors with our delicious process. Cooking the pork first is key, then adding your flavor, and wrapping up the ribs before cooking more. We'€™ll show you how!

How to Make Pork Ribs

Enjoy flavorful, juicy pork ribs by following our three-step method: cook, flavor, and cook some more. See how!

Combining chicken and the slow cooker? Perfection! Pick the right cut of meat to ensure you get the fullest flavor during this low and slow cooking technique.

How to Make Chicken in a Slow Cooker

Combine two favorites -- chicken and slow-cooking -- for a juicy and flavorful dinner.

Make a flavorful pulled-pork sandwich with the help of your slow cooker. The secret is selecting the right types of meat (we help with beef and chicken options, too), plus seasoning the meat and adding homemade or store-bought sauce at the right time in the process.

How to Make Pork in a Slow Cooker

If you're thinking about a pulled-pork sandwich, slow-cooking your meat is the best option. The secret is selecting the right types of meat, plus seasoning at the right time in the cooking process.

We've got one must-have ingredient for your best-yet fried chicken. Watch and learn as we show you this secret (Hint: You may have a carton in your refrigerator right now!).

How to Make Fried Chicken

Enjoy the crunchy coating and tasty bites of fried chicken at home. We'll show you the best technique.

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