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A perfectly done steak makes an easy weeknight meal just as easily as a fancy steak supper. T-bone, strip, ribeye, flank, sirloin -- whatever the steak and whatever the occasion, the secret to perfect steak is proper cooking. Get started on your journey to properly cooking steak with our best steak recipes. Start easy with your pick of 30-minute beef steak recipes to get big flavor without a big time investment. Many of these quick-fix beef steak dinners are cooked in a skillet, so there's no need for fancy equipment. Next, try your hand at grilled steak. We've got a guide for the best steaks for the grill. The enticing flavor combinations in our grilled steak recipes will elevate your steak to the next level, whether feeding the kids or serving holiday guests. Whatever your preferred cooking method—skillet, grilling, broiling, or even smoking—we have a wealth of steak recipes that are simple to prepare and that the whole family will love.

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How to Cook Steak in a Skillet
When it comes to cooking steak in a skillet, all you need are the four Ss—stove, skillet, steak, seasoning. And honestly, you could omit the S for seasoning if your steak is flavorful enough. Here's our best process for how to cook steak in a skillet.
Best Grilled Steak Recipes
These simple grilled steak recipes are foolproof and delicious. Whether you opt for a quick and classic route or sample a tasty steak marinade recipe, you'll want to make these grilled steak tacos, steak salads, and hearty beef entrees over and over again. Fire up the grill!
How to Make Fajitas
Who doesn't love fajitas for dinner? Learn how to make fajitas, spice mix, and your own fajita marinade with these easy tips. You'll be a master of these easy Mexican favorites like chicken and steak fajitas.
How to Choose a Steak
So many types of steak—so little time! Here's the ultimate guide to different cuts of steaks, including how to select a steak and the best cuts of meat to buy depending on how you plan to cook them.

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