Why wait all afternoon for a roast or lasagna to cook in the oven? Once you have these quick-cooking Instant Pot beef recipes (including chili mac, beef stew, and pot roast in your pressure cooker) in your recipe lineup, little time will stand between you and a magnificent dinner menu.

By Karla Walsh
May 06, 2020
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Sure, you could fuss over a pot of chili all afternoon or slow-simmer braised meat for hours. Or you could turn to one of these Instant Pot beef recipes for a dinner on the fly. The popular multicooker, or any pressure cooker, can make quick work out of everything from takeout fake-outs (see: Instant Pot beef and broccoli) to comfort food favorites (including Instant Pot beef stew). We’re all for anything that makes it easier for us to dive fork-first into a bowl of pasta and meat sauce. Ready, set, pressure cook!

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Instant Pot Lasagna

A pot of water and strainer for the noodles, a skillet for the meat sauce, a casserole for the lasagna itself—classic lasagna recipes make a mess! Have you ever made a lasagna recipe that leaves you with only two pans to clean after cooking? This Instant Pot ground beef recipe makes that dream a reality since it calls for browning the beef on the sauté function before assembling the pasta casserole in a round cake pan you can pop inside the Instant Pot. Start with jarred marinara, and this luscious lasagna takes just 20 minutes to prep.

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Pressure Cooker Sweet and Spicy Beef Stew

Slash the cook time of this stew from 11 hours to 12 minutes (yes, really!) by using the Instant Pot beef stew recipe variation instead of going slow cooker-style. Both cooking options will score you the same results: A just-spicy-enough stew chock-full of tender beef chuck and sweet potatoes. Ground beef is in the mix too, to pump up the protein and satisfaction level even more. (If you still need an Instant Pot, check out this Instant Pot Duo Nova 8-Quart Pressure Cooker, $119.99, Target.)

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Chipotle-Coffee Pot Roast

Instant Pot roast beef makes quick, juicy work out of two full pounds of beef chuck roast when you pop it in the pressure cooker. Using the sauté function, sear the sides of the coffee- and chili-rubbed roast to caramelize the exterior, then allow it to simmer in a pool of garlic, balsamic vinegar, tomato paste, and beef broth for 15 minutes. You’re going to want something starchy to soak up every last drop of that savory sauce; we recommend creamy polenta, mashed potatoes, or chunks of warm baguette.

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Instant Pot Cheesy Chili Mac

No need to choose between Instant Pot beef chili or Instant Pot mac and cheese. This delicious mash-up meal allows you to enjoy both in one pot, and with less than 15 minutes of total cook time. Sauté the ground beef, then add all the chili seasonings, tomatoes, beans, and any short pasta shape (such as penne, elbows, or rotini) you have handy. Don’t forget to top with a generous handful of shredded cheddar!

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Weeknight Penne with Meaty Red Sauce and Greens

Channel your inner Italian nonna (aka grandma) to whip up this ground beef Instant Pot recipe that gets all the ragu flavors you know and love on the faster. (Less than 45 minutes fast.) This quick pasta dinner has rich layers from earthy red wine, umami mushrooms, fresh basil, spicy crushed red pepper flakes, and more. Pair it with a green salad and dinner is done.

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Pressure Cooker Beef and Broccoli

Yes, you can enjoy restaurant-quality goodness and stick to a high-protein and healthy Paleo meal plan. This Instant Pot beef and broccoli has just 252 calories and much less sodium than typical takeout fare. With lean flank steak, heaps of broccoli, and lower-sodium gluten-free coconut aminos, this is one stir-fry you can feel good about eating. If you aren't stocked with aminos, try Coconut Secret coconut aminos ($6.99, Target). Pro tip: Try it served over cauliflower rice!

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Pressure Cooker Poutine

If you’re anything like us, you have a tough time sticking to just a couple French fries. So why not make the spuds into a meal and top ’em with an Instant Pot beef chuck roast gravy and add bacon? Irresistible! Especially when cheese curds and chives are the final garnishes.

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Pressure Cooker Chili Mac and Cheese

Combine the elements of spicy queso and cheesy mac in this zesty ground beef Instant Pot recipe. Affordable ingredients like ground beef, dried pasta, olives, and jarred queso make this a family- and budget-friendly entrée that's ready to devour in less than 45 minutes. Serve with lettuce and tomatoes on the side as optional add-ons so the non-picky eaters can score a dose of vegetables.

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With more easy beef dinner ideas than there are in a week, you'll have to narrow down the list to the Instant Pot beef ideas your family will most love.


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