Healthy Beef Recipes

Make-It-Mine Fork-Tender Pot Roast
Beef recipes have never looked like this before! We've upgraded classics like sloppy joes and stir-fry, and totally revamped tacos and meat loaf (muffin tins, anyone?). Plus, each healthy dinner recipe is under 400 calories, which means all the flavor without the guilt.

Spicy Mushroom Sloppy Joes

There's nothing wrong with regular ol' sloppy joes, but add some chile peppers and cremini mushrooms, and wow. Be prepared to get an invite to every potluck in town!

Rotini with Beef and Beans

An easy meat-and-pasta dish pairs with kidney beans in this recipe that packs protein, fiber, and flavor -- all brought to you by your favorite skillet.

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Beef Taco Pie

Beef dessert? Well, kinda. Tacos meet their match (a pie plate) in this tortilla-crusted twist on a Mexican classic. If you're confused by how this recipe even works, watch and learn!

Sweet-and-Spicy Edamame-Beef Stir-Fry

The beef-and-edamame duo gives this dish a subtle Asian-inspired flavor that's amped up by hoisin sauce, ginger, and rice vinegar.

Barbecue Sloppy Joe Cups

Muffin tins = portion sizes made easy. Plus, lean ground beef and reduced-fat cheese cut down on some of the unnecessary fat and cals.

Orange-Teriyaki Beef Stir-Fry

Between an orange's fruity flavor and teriyaki's punch, this stir-fry is certainly not lacking flavor. Even better, thanks to the veggies and beef, it's not lacking nutrients either.

Steak Remoulade Sandwiches

Cornichons (tiny pickles), capers, sweet peppers, and garlic make this waayy better than your average lunchtime sandwich. Plus, light mayo and lemon juice give the dish just the right amount of flavor while keeping it under 400 cals.

Dijon Beef and Mushrooms

Boneless beef and mushrooms mean this dish is extra hearty. Make sure to choose low-sodium beef broth to avoid unnecessary sodium -- the Dijon-style mustard and garlic give the dish all the flavor it needs!

Brisket with Ale Barbecue Sauce

Onions, chili sauce, and a can of beer give this brisket its distinct flavor, plus they don't add a ton of calories! 

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Asian Broccoli and Beef

Why order takeout when you can make this easy, low-cal version of your go-to Asian dish? All this beef-broccoli dinner needs is 20 minutes of prep -- your slow cooker can take it from there.

Beef Stroganoff Soup

Don't write off beef stew just yet. Soups are the perfect way to meld tons of nutrients (and delicious flavor) into one dish -- and this dish does just that.

Southwestern Noodle Bowl

At under 300 calories and only 9 grams of fat, this is our kind of noodle bowl! How is this healthy dish still the complete opposite of bland? Garlic, cumin, sweet peppers, and homemade pico de gallo do the trick.

Flank Steak with Antipasto Topper

All this dinner takes is seven ingredients and a skillet (or a grill). Even better news, the steak-and-veggie combo can be made 24 hours ahead of time.

Asian Burgers

Hoisin sauce and Chinese five-spice powder give burgers some sweet-and-salty flair. Pineapple, pea pods, and red onion are the perfect nutrient-filled toppings.

Classic Beef Stroganoff

Yes, comfort food can be healthy. No, that doesn't (necessarily) defy the definition of "comfort food." And even if it does, we'll still take the delicious 300-cal version of this weeknight dinner any day.

Beef-Vegetable Ragout

Snap peas and cherry tomatoes complement the savory taste of beef and mushrooms in this main-dish stew. Serve it over your fave pasta.

Chipotle-Coffee Pot Roast

Coffee and spice (aka everything nice) lend pot roast an unexpected kick.

Italian-Style Slow Cooker Meat Loaf

Basically every part of the food pyramid in one dish, this meat loaf is set up for nutrition success. And somehow, despite it being extra-hearty, each serving is fewer than 200 calories. So go ahead, have two!

Make-It-Mine Fork-Tender Pot Roast

Veggies, spices, and your slow cooker make this a super-tasty, super-easy dinner. Missing one of the ingredients? We've got tons of substitutions.

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