Beef Recipes

Roasted, cubed, grilled, or baked. We've got recipes and tutorials on how to cook beef any way you like it. Make slow cooker stews, roasts in the Instant Pot, and rubs or marinades for juicy steaks. Use one of our many ground beef recipes to make burgers and easy dinners (like our classic hamburger pie) for the family. Whether you're looking for a 30-minute dinner or a full beef pot roast, you've come to the right place for recipes with beef.

Philly Cheesesteak Soup

If you're a fan of the sandwich, you'll love the flavors combined in this one-pot soup recipe.
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Vegetable-Beef Pot Pie

You can change up this recipe by using different kinds of frozen mixed vegetables. Give it a Tex-Mex twist by adding Southwestern-blend vegetables. Or try a mix of cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots.
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Beef Kabobs with Corn and Orzo Salad

No side dishes required in this all-in-one main-dish salad. Protein, veggies, and grains are all accounted for.
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Adobo Beef Burritos

Adobo refers to a sauce that combines peppers and tomatoes with vinegar and spices to brighten its flavor. It's used in a variety of Mexican foods, including canned chipotle peppers (smoked red jalapeños), which add a key flavor to these burritos.
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You Can Now Make IKEA's Famous Swedish Meatballs at Home

If you're missing the furniture destination's restaurant, they're helping us out with the six-step recipe.
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More Beef Recipes

Easy and Healthy Ground Beef Recipes

We love ground beef! The versatile meat is so easy to cook with -- and if you use lean ground beef, it can be healthy, too. This collection of easy ground beef recipes, including grilled burgers and chili, will please everyone at the table. Plus, each recipe is prepped in 30 minutes or less and fits your healthy eating plan.
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One-Pot Beef Goulash

Make this simple beef goulash recipe for when you need a comforting dinner but don't have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen. This one-pot recipe has a secret ingredient (cocoa powder!) that really gives this broth-based pasta a rich flavor.