Stuffed Mushrooms: The Best Bite-Size Party Appetizer

No party is complete without finger food, and when it comes to appetizers, stuffed mushrooms reign supreme. We have the creamiest, cheesiest, juiciest stuffed mushroom recipes around, plus a few twists on this classic appetizer recipe (think guacamole and Greek-style) to help make your party the best on the block.

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    Bacon-Stuffed Mushrooms

    Yes, these mushrooms are stuffed with cream cheese and sharp cheddar, but bacon is the real star here. Every bite of these simple, four-ingredient stuffed mushrooms is loaded with crisp, crunchy bacon. Need we say more?

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    Stuffed Baked Mushrooms

    Are you in the mood for chile cream cheese mushrooms, or wasabi chicken? With 10 fillings to pick from, you can dress up your mushrooms any way you want! Choose your favorite filling for the batch, or whip up a few different options so your guests can mix and match.

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    Easy Salmon and Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

    Turn bagels and lox into a finger food that belongs at a party, not your breakfast table. Smoked salmon and herbed cheese make a super-delish stuffing for cremini mushrooms. You won't be able to resist snagging one (or two) on each trip past the appetizer table!

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    Avocado-Stuffed Mushrooms

    Give any gathering a taste of summer by serving up roasted mushrooms stuffed with avocado, red onion, and toasted hazelnuts. Luckily, since avocados are available in grocery stores year-round, you don't have to wait for the warm months to make this celebration-worthy appetizer.

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    Greek-Style Stuffed Mushrooms

    It's time to go Greek! Take your taste buds on a trip to the Mediterranean by stuffing these mushroom appetizers with fresh tomato, olives, and crumbly feta cheese. Ready in just 40 minutes, these mushrooms will have you dreaming of Greece in no time.

  • Italian Stuffed Mushrooms
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    Italian Stuffed Mushrooms

    Get your spice rack ready! These stuffed mushrooms are seasoned with a blend of garlic, fresh thyme, and oregano, then stuffed with green chard leaves, ricotta salata cheese, and bread crumbs. And when you start with 2 pounds (yes, pounds!) of cremini mushrooms, everyone will get the chance to try them.

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    Herb and Goat Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

    Turn plain mushrooms into a fancy (and easy!) appetizer with the help of panko bread crumbs, goat cheese, and pine nuts. Your guests might think you spent all day in the kitchen, but we won't tell them that these mouthwatering mushroom bites took less than an hour.

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    Classic Stuffed Mushrooms

    Sometimes you just can't make a classic any better—especially when these classic stuffed mushrooms are creamy, cheesy, and garlicky. The only challenge you'll have with this easy recipe is keeping them stocked on your appetizer table.

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    Chipotle and Ranch Stuffed Mushrooms

    Dressing isn't just for salads! You can make stuffed mushrooms even more creamy and delicious by stirring in your favorite salad dressing mix with cream cheese and chipotle peppers.

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    Stuffed Mushrooms with Lemon-Pea Hummus

    We know you're used to making hummus with chickpeas, but hear us out: Fresh peas and a few sprigs of mint can be just as creamy and delicious. Add a quick sprinkle of melting cheese on top to make these veggie-filled mushrooms a little indulgent, too.

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    Chicken and Raisin Stuffed Mushrooms

    Sure, these stuffed mushrooms have the usual bread crumbs and cheese in the stuffing, but we took this classic appetizer recipe to the next level by mixing in chopped chicken and golden raisins. Just trust us—you won't have any leftovers when you serve these mushrooms.

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    Blue Cheese and Walnut Stuffed Mushrooms

    Step up your usual stuffed-mushroom recipe by mixing in crumbles of blue cheese and toasted walnuts. The stuffing starts with everything we love about this classic appetizer—bread crumbs, Parmesan cheese, and sour cream—but ends with an added burst of creaminess and crunch.

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    Stuffed Mushrooms

    You can't go wrong with buttery bread crumbs, cheddar cheese, and crispy bacon. Luckily, these stuffed mushrooms are piled high with all three before being baked to tender perfection.

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    Guacamole-Stuffed Marinated Mushrooms

    We know just what your fiesta is missing: mushrooms! Stuffed mushrooms may not seem like a classic Mexican appetizer, but we gave them a zesty twist by soaking mushrooms in a zippy marinade and finishing with a creamy guacamole stuffing. No chips needed for this guacamole starter.

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