Entertain from Your Freezer

Pork and Sweet Potato Empanadas
Stock your freezer with these make-ahead appetizer ideas and you'll always be ready for party time. Impress last-minute party guests with homemade bites like meatballs, snack mix, and even guacamole. We'll cheers to that!

Ricotta Meatballs

Party time is any time thanks to these juicy make-ahead meatballs. Whip up a big batch and freeze until just before guests arrive. They take only 10 minutes to reheat and serve. 

Freezer Guacamole

Yep, we said guacamole. Mix up a big batch, divide, and freeze. When you're ready for a fiesta, simply thaw overnight and serve. We'll drink a marg to that! 

Blue Cheese and Pine Nut Puffs

Think you need hours to put together an elegant appetizer? Think again. These party puffs take just 25 minutes of prep, and they reheat in 5 minutes flat. 

Simple Stromboli

Who can say no to stromboli? Our make-ahead version is stuffed with ham, cheese, spinach, and sweet peppers. The steps are easy: slice, freeze, thaw, and serve. 

Spicy Chicken Pot Stickers with Ginger and Green Onion Dipping Sauce

Like the best pot stickers you've ever had but way better. Our easy filling is packed with flavors including cilantro, green onion, and ginger. Cook these snacks right from the freezer for effortless entertaining. 

Oregano-Manchego Cheese Straws

Wine and cheese is good. Wine and cheese staws is great. Just five ingredients and a quick twist is all it takes. 

Curried Carrot Butter

As good as butter is, carrot butter is an improvement. Smear the golden goodness on baguette slices along with tangy goat cheese for our go-to party app.

Chorizo-Pepper Hand Pies

Store-bought puff pastry just changed the appetizer game. Simply whip up our spicy sausage filling, freeze the pies, and bake at party time. Serve the scrumptious bites with a quick three-ingredient salsa. 

Ham and Swiss Quiche Cups

So much better than store-bought mini quiches, and just as easy. Prepare these babies up to a month ahead and freeze. Pop them in the oven just as guests arrive. 

Don't let summer heat beat your refreshing drink! Freeze part of the drink and other flavor boosters so you never have to worry about diluted drinks again.

From-the-Freezer Cocktail Tips

Freezer for the win! Get our tips for perfectly chilled cocktails, every time. 

Triple-Olive Tapenade

This savory olive tapenade just made your appetizer spread so much tastier. Serve it from the freezer with crusty bread and a smear of creamy goat cheese. 

Honey-Sesame Snack Mix

Skip that store-bought bag of snack mix. You can easily whip up this sweet and salty mix and stash it in the freezer. Simply thaw and serve -- it doesn't get easier than that! 

Italian Quiche Cups

These quiche cups are your party's best friend. To serve, simply thaw for a quick 15 minutes and bake for another 15 minutes before serving time. 

Dilled Onion Cheese Ball

Nothing says party time like a cheese ball. These make-ahead appetizers can be customized with any flavors you like. Try our recipes for Gouda, proscuitto-basil, or spicy taco. 

Olives Wrapped in Cheese Pastry

We couldn't stop eating these cheesy, salty bites! Stash them in the freezer for up to one month. Serve them up with an ice cold beer. 

Pork and Sweet Potato Empanadas

These flaky empanadas are stuffed with an irresistibly spicy pork filling. Raisins and sweet potatoes add a touch of sweetness. Make them ahead and freeze up to six months. 

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