3 Easy-to-Make Cheese Ball Recipes Everyone Will Love

These will be a sure hit at your next party!

Classic cheese balls get even better with bacon. Find out how we put 10 slices of crispy bacon to work in these delicious party appetizers.

What is a party without a cheese ball? We all know those relatives who come prepared to every event with their signature pre-dinner snack. Always in attendance: the same bland cheese ball. For your next gathering, switch it up by creating options for your guests to graze on! To make it simple, we made one great, flavorful cheese ball that can easily be disguised as three different recipes. All you need is a variety of toppings! With this crowd-pleasing recipe, everyone will be satisfied.

First, mix cream cheese, shredded cheese, butter, milk, and steak sauce in a medium bowl. The sauce gives it a delicious smoky flavor.

Cover and chill four to 24 hours.

Cut the mixture into thirds and form three individual cheeseballs.

Roll one cheeseball in bacon bits, covering the entire surface.

Roll the next in dried cranberries, and roll the third in crushed pistachios.

We don't know which cheese ball we want to dip into first! To learn more about this recipe, check out the video below:



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