5 Amazing Mason Jar Lunches That Will Fill You Right Up

Don't dread your office lunch another day!

The Mason jar meal is one that you can frequently find in our bag: Conveniently portable, it makes meal prep, storage, and toting to the office a total snap! But sometimes we get sick of the two meals that are frequently in our Mason jar rotation, aka salads and overnight oats. And don't get us wrong — there's nothing wrong with those two classics. But as the temperatures get chillier and our bodies crave heartier meals, we rounded up our top five favorite Mason jar meals for when you're needing that extra comfort. Check them out now:

1. Mason Jar Chili with Cornbread Topping

Iowa Girl Eats

One of our go-to meals during the cold winter months is chili with the cornbread baked right on top. Don't call us crazy, because it totally works, and it's also one of the most delicious meals you'll ever put together. But it can get kind of messy when trying to transport leftovers, which is why we were pretty excited to find this Mason jar option. Iowa Girl Eats takes our favorite winter dinner and packages it neatly in a very portable jar. Win-win.

2. Healthy Superfood Burrito In a Jar

Wake the Wolves

There's a bonus to this Mason jar recipe: it's really (really!) healthy. It's always hard to deny ourselves a burrito when that craving strikes. What is it about that combination of flavors that is totally irresistible? Fortunately for everyone, Wake the Wolves came up with a recipe for Mason jar "burritos" that is also chock-full of superfoods. A Mason jar recipe that is as healthy as it is easy? We dig it.

3. Chicken Taco Salad aka Not a Sad Desk Salad

The Seasoned Mom

Okay, so this one is a salad, but it's so piled with goodness that it's hardly a wimpy one. The Seasoned Mom's recipe for chicken taco salads packs a hearty 40 grams of protein in and is laced with cheese, a key to winning us over. It also calls for a tangy, addictive yogurt taco seasoning that we can't get enough of. Not a sad desk salad, indeed!

4. Irish Chicken Pot Pie

Mirlandra's Kitchen

We bet you thought you couldn't make a warm, stick-to-your-bones winter meal in a Mason jar, and we're here to tell you that you can! And it's delicious. Mirlandra's Kitchen has a totally genius way to make traditional Irish chicken pot pie in a jar, meaning that our grab-and-go options just got way, way more delicious. It has everything you want in a pot pie recipe: Creamy filling, plump veggies, juicy chicken, and, of course, a good measure of buttery crust. Mmm mmm good.

5. Jarringly Delicious Lasagna In a Jar

The Food in My Beard

We're rounding out this list with perhaps the greatest option of all — lasagna in a jar. We can't imagine anything better than warming our hands around a Mason jar while tucking into cheesy, pasta goodness. And thanks to The Food In My Beard, this can now be your reality. The recipe calls for a pesto ricotta combination in the lasagna, but we're imagining a lot of possibilities — veggie, meat-loaded, four-cheese — you get the point. The sky is the lasagna-limit!


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