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Stuck in a recipe rut? Try our assortment of versatile recipes, nutritious menus, and expert cooking tips. We've assembled the most delicious Better Homes and Gardens recipes and how-to instructions for every occasion, whether you need a creamy chicken casserole for a potluck dinner or quick and easy snacks for your next tailgate party. Our new and exciting recipes include tasty desserts and appetizers, as well as savory soups and salads that are sure to inspire your breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus. If you're on a time crunch or a budget, we have cheap and easy recipes, including slow cooker meals, no-bake dinners, and delectable pasta recipes complete with protein and veggies. Plus, we make the holidays less hectic by providing a collection of flavorful holiday recipes packed with seasonal ingredients.

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Here's How Much You Should Actually Tip for Food Services

How much do you tip the coffee barista? What about at a takeout spot? We asked the experts to dish on best practices for tipping in every food-related situation, and here's what they had to say.
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8 Anti-Inflammatory Foods to Add to Your Diet

Chronic inflammation is linked to cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and various other health problems—but a few dietary swaps can reduce inflammation and not only make you healthier, but also possibly heal existing conditions.
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How Long Is Wine Good After Opening?

We’ve all found ourselves with an unfinished bottle of wine at the end of the night, and some of us have learned (the hard way) why it’s a bad idea to polish off what’s left. This, of course, leads us to the question: How long is an open bottle of wine good? Here's what you should know.
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How to Can Corn in a Pressure Canner

Take advantage of the abundance of fresh sweet corn that comes with summer and save it for the rest of the year. When you know how to make canned corn, you can savor those fresh-from-the-field flavors for months to come.
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5 Foods You Didn’t Know You Should Store in the Fridge

You might’ve missed a few “refrigerate after opening” labels here and there, but we can help you figure out what needs some of your valuable fridge space, and what doesn’t.
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July 2019 Better Homes & Gardens Recipes

Calling all backyard barbecue-lovers! Our July 2019 issue of Better Homes & Gardens® is full of cookout must-haves like potluck sides that serve a crowd and creative toppers for hot dogs, brats, burgers, or anything else you feel like grilling. There’s a new dish to take to every cookout this summer plus a few quick weeknight meals and seasonal desserts (no one will turn away one of our Fruity Layer Pops).
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Carnival and Circus Eats That'll Make You Feel Like a Kid

Enjoy the carnival (or the circus) without leaving your kitchen! These fun carnival and circus treats will make you feel like you’re celebrating without having to buy a ticket. We gathered all of our favorite sweet and fried treats in one place so you can host your own carnival-inspired party.
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Our Best No-Cook Appetizers for Easy Party Prep

This collection of easy no-cook appetizers will help you get the party started in no time! Our creative recipes include dips, cheese balls, pinwheels, kabobs, deviled eggs, no-cook toothpick appetizers, and more with unique flavor twists that will entice guests.