Mason Jar Omelet


This easy omelet recipe will save you tons of time in the morning. When you're in a rush, just grab the jar from the fridge, shake, microwave, and enjoy your easy breakfast on the go.

1 omelet


  • ½ cup refrigerated or frozen egg product, thawed or 2 eggs

  • ½ cup mix-ins (such as shredded cheese, chopped veggies, chopped ham and/or shredded chicken)

  • Salt and ground black pepper


  1. Lightly coat a pint jar with nonstick cooking spray. Add egg product (or 2 eggs) and mix-ins to the jar. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Cover with a lid and chill overnight. When ready to eat, shake jar contents until thoroughly mixed. Remove lid and cover with a paper towel. Microwave on high about 2 minutes or until eggs are fully cooked. Serve immediately.

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