Restaurateur Anthony Rose dresses grilled asparagus with toum, a creamy Middle Eastern sauce made of blended garlic, lemon, and oil. He tweaks the traditional combo with a bit of honey for sweetness.




  • For toum: In a blender combine garlic and 3 Tbsp. water; puree until blended. Add lemon juice, 1 Tbsp. kosher salt, and the honey; process until well blended. With blender on low, slowly add oil. (Mixture should be thick and creamy.)

    Preheat grill to medium-high. Prepare an ice bath. Bring a large pot of salted water to boiling; add asparagus. Cook 30 seconds; transfer immediately to ice bath. Grill asparagus about 2 minutes each side. Serve with toum. Makes 6 servings.

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Nutrition Facts

353 calories, 36 g fat (3 g saturated fat, 10 g polyunsaturated fat, 23 g monounsaturated fat), 0 mg cholesterol, 563 mg sodium, 7 g carbohydrates, 2 g fiber, 3 g sugar, 2 g protein.