Ingredient Checklist


Instructions Checklist
  • Melt almond bark. Dip plastic spoons into the melted candy, and lightly shake them until spoon bases are covered and candy surfaces is smooth. Let candy harden. Use canned icing to glue decorations in place. Makes about 10 spoons.

Instructions Checklist
  • You will need an adult helper.


Frost tip of spoon, and sprinkle it with red sugar. Mouth: one-quarter of a pink jelly bean. Nose: red cinnamon candy. Eyes: tiny hard candies. Beard: marshmallows cut into pieces. Hat trim: marshmallows cut in half lengthwise. Pom-pom: marshmallow. Eyebrows: marshmallow slices. Mustache: marshmallow sliced almost in half crosswise.


Cover tip of spoon with melted chocolate. Let candy harden. Nose: tip of a piece of candy corn. Eyes and mouth: raisins. Hat brim: soft chocolate cookie cut in half. Scarf: fruit roll.


Nose: chocolate drop with point cut off, topped with red cinnamon candy. Mouth: half-circle of fruit-flavor cereal. Eyes: tiny round candies. Antlers: pretzels. Ears: triangles cut from chocolate twist candy.