People Are Making Lasagna with Ramen Noodles on TikTok—Does It Work?

A viral video of lasagna made with ramen noodles, instead of the traditional wide, flat noodles, is sparking debate.

Your diet likely (hopefully) doesn’t include the same quantity of ramen noodles as it did during your formative college years, but that doesn’t mean you should deprive yourself of the occasional Maruchan treat altogether—especially now that TikTok is breathing new life into the dorm room delicacy with a ramen lasagna recipe.

The video streaming platform is flooded with content on the now-viral cooking hack. And while some seem reluctant (adverse, even) to the recipe—“This is offensive to both ramen and lasagna,” one user wrote, with another simply commenting, “apologize”—the concept of a ramen noodle lasagna has garnered millions of likes in support. “That looks delicious[.] I love cheese and tomato and meat with my ramen,” a fan wrote in the comments, praising the recipe (in all caps, no less). “What is everyone on about?”

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What Is Ramen Lasagna?

Before rushing to your own judgment, let’s unpack the trend. Though it’s been recreated in nearly a zillion “TikTok Made Me Do It”–style videos, the concept of a ramen lasagna seemingly originated on user @ramenkingivan’s page—which makes sense considering the entire account revolves around inventive ramen recipes. The original video boasts 4.5 million views alone and nearly 34,000 comments. And while many have taken their own creative license with the recipe, Ivan’s original brainchild includes those aforementioned Maruchan noodles, Prego pasta sauce, and cheese. He layers the ingredients to mirror a classic lasagna formula: pure simplicity.

How Do You Make Ramen Lasagna?

So you want to recreate the ramen lasagna for yourself, huh? You’ll need to start with a trip to the grocery store. Here’s what to include on your list: four packages of ramen noodles, a jar of pasta sauce, shredded mozzarella cheese, and ricotta. Ivan didn’t include the latter in his own recipe, but nearly every other iteration did—and we can’t think of any decent reason not to. (All good lasagna recipes use ricotta, after all.) Feel free to make your own alterations or swaps as you go, too. Toss in spinach, Italian sausage, maybe even a layer of parmesan for added indulgence and something closer to a classic lasagna recipe.

To make your ramen lasagna, preheat your oven. 350°F or 375°F should do the trick, according to the TikTok experts. Start with a layer of dried ramen noodles at the base of your baking dish before adding the pasta sauce. Top with a healthy dollop of ricotta and then layer with more noodles, more sauce, and the mozzarella. Skip the ramen flavor packet, though. You won’t need it. Cook for 30 to 40 minutes, or until the noodles are soft and the entire lasagna is warmed through.

Does It Work?

While the comment section was skeptical, the reviews—from those that *actually* tried the ramen lasagna recipe—are glowing. Because the ramen noodles are par-cooked (i.e. cooked first and then dried), the heat and sauce bring them back to life for a quick and easy approach to lasagna that doesn’t require the same grunt work as the classic. Sure, ramen lasagna isn’t quite as high-brow as other iterations, but the fan-favorite Italian dish is a comfort food staple, after all. We don’t need high-brow. Next time your pantry’s looking sparse and you’re craving something hearty, consider this your simple answer.

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