Pumpkin Cocktail Recipes to Spice Up Your Fall Drink Menu

These seasonal drinks are full of warm, cozy energy.

Pumpkin Brandy Alexander cocktail in short coupe glass
Photo: Carson Downing

Looking for more ways to enjoy the best fall flavor? We've got six super delicious pumpkin cocktail recipes to really showcase the signature squash of the season. Go beyond the basic PSL (though we love that, too!) and check out the pumpkin cocktails featuring the spice blend and pumpkin puree. Whether you're in the mood for cold or hot beverages for one or a crowd, there's a fall cocktail here you'll want to try.

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Pumpkin White Russian

Pumpkin White Russian in short rocks glass
Carson Downing

Got just a little bit of canned pumpkin left from a recipe? Use a couple tablespoons to make this pumpkin cocktail. The mixture includes brown sugar and cream to make this cocktail irresistibly sweet and creamy.

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Pumpkin Eggnog

Pumpkin Eggnog
Carson Downing

No need to wait until Christmas to enjoy a glass of cold eggnog. This fall take on the holiday drink has a rich custard base just like classic eggnog. Here pumpkin puree and pumpkin pie spice add warm, holiday flavor to every sip.

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Spiced Pumpkin Horchata

two tall glasses of Spiced Pumpkin Horchatas on ice with cinnamon stick garnish
Carson Downing

Fans of horchata—a traditional Mexican drink made from rice and water—will absolutely love this pumpkin cocktail recipe. The drink starts with the same milky rice base but adds spices, pumpkin, and a banana (yes, you read that right!) to the blender to achieve a creamy and oh-so-smooth fall sipper. If you don't drink alcohol or have kids, you can leave the rum out or make an extra batch to serve.

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Big-Batch Pumpkin Spice White Russians

pumpkin spice white russian in cocktail glass with ice

Carson Downing

We already provided a single-serve version earlier, but this pumpkin spice cocktail is made to serve a crowd. An entire bottle of vodka goes into the mix as well as cold brew and coffee liqueur to achieve the java flavor. Use a sprinkle of pumpkin spice for a finishing look.

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Pumpkin Brandy Alexander

Pumpkin Brandy Alexander cocktail in short coupe glass
Carson Downing

Fruity, bright brandy becomes an excellent addition to winter squash in this pumpkin spice cocktail recipe. Maple syrup adds sweetness while staying on the seasonal flavor theme. Top with star anise for a sophisticated garnish.

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Cinnamon-Pumpkin Toddy

Cinnamon-Pumpkin Toddy
Andy Lyons

Get ready to cozy up! This pumpkin spice cocktail uses bourbon and cinnamon schnapps to create a warm hot toddy. The fall beverage is prepared in a slow cooker making it easy for everyone to enjoy a hot toddy at the party.

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