You've got the beautiful plant, now you just need the right pots and planters for it. Better Homes & Gardens to the rescue! These decorative plant holders will add splashes of style to your outdoor space and can all be found at

March 08, 2017

galvanized tier organizer

The 2-Tier Rectangular Organizer is a great way to show off small plants. You can place plants on both tiers or use one for other gardening tools and accessories. 

Price: $17.88

Rosy Red

This decorative planter is a beautiful shade of rosy red and any plant will look gorgeous in the Bombay Planter. Available in multiple sizes, this one is great for flowers, herbs, and even small trees if you desire.  Plus, the lightweight and UV-protected construction makes it resistant to breaking, chipping or cracking. The red finish looks gorgeous in indoor and outdoor spaces, and is sure to add style to your office, bedroom, porch, or patio area. 

Price: $17.96 - $28.96

Versatile Style

We love the Monteverde Planter because it looks awesome anywhere. Constructed from a durable plastic resin material, it holds up great indoors or outdoors, and the rust-colored finish helps it show off the blooms it's holding inside. 

Price: $17.96 - $27.82

Awesome Accent

The 12" Brookmonte Teal Planter is a plant-holder and conversation starter all in one! The chic design makes it the perfect statement piece. Made from ceramic, this planter with a hole is great for inside or outside but just make sure to show it off wherever you place it. 

Price: $14.72

Chic Ceramic

The 7" ceramic with white crackle planter features a neutral color that allows the flowers and plants inside to speak for themselves. With this design, we might even opt for some subtle shrubbery to pair with other plants on a patio or porch. 

Price: $6.94

Terrific Teal

It's easy to see why we love this one so much: look at that bright teal color! With UV-protection paint and resistance to weather extremes, this planter comes with a 3-year limited warranty. You can place it indoors or outdoors but we love it for the front porch if you like to do a little planter bragging. 

Price: $20.64

Garden Gorgeous

The Richmond Planter is a great addition to any garden. It adds a classic look to any outdoor space and is so lightweight that you can easily move it around your yard for different looks. It's drillable for drainage and is large enough to serve as a home to more than one of your favorite plants. 

Price: $13.60

Easily Elegant

The addition of the Weathered Lattice Planter instantly makes your backyard classy. We love putting some of your brightest bulbs in this one to contrast with the brush finish look on the UV-resistant planter — that means you don't have to worry about the color fading on this one. The traditional look will complement nearly any décor and can accommodate many of your favorite flowers or plants. 

Price: $19.12

Functionally Fashionable

We love the classic look of this 18" planter, known for retaining moisture for longer than clay pots. This one is great for putting the spotlight, and sunlight, on your favorite flower. We're partial to sunflowers!

Price; $16.31

Bold Blooms

The Bombay Garden Vase is super sophisticated and will stand out in any space, inside or outside. Featuring a durable ceramic finish, this planter is 90 percent lighter than clay and great for moving your favorite flowers around the yard. It's resistant to weather extremes and can accommodate many plants and floral arrangements, but paired with this rust color, we say brighter is better when it comes to the flowers inside. 

Price: $22.96


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