Who says that your pantry can't be pretty? We think every nook and cranny of your pantry should turn some heads. Check out these fab finds for all your decorating and pantry organizing needs.

By Ali Hanson & Cara Regan
February 23, 2016

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Keep products fresh in these sleek canisters that have airtight closures. A steel scoop rests on the side, and a chalkboard label is placed on the front for easy identification and versatility to change the contents.

Price: $21.95


Spice Carousel

For optimal counter space, store up to 16 spices in the glass bulbs that surround the two-tiered revolving rack. Spices are included, and free refills last five years.

Price: $36.99


Dry Food Dispenser

Store dry foods like snacks, candy, coffee beans, nuts, and pastas in this triple wall-mount dispenser. Adjustable valves change the amount of food dispensed, and the high-quality glass and metallic safeguard means a long life expectancy.

Price: $59.99


Glass Milk Carafe

Pour a portioned amount of milk into this vintage glass jug and set aside with snacks or your morning bowl of cereal. The ceramic lid will keep milk chilled for an extended time so you won't need to keep transferring.

Price: $19.50


Rustic Can Storage

Last seen in the early 20th century, this rustic food dispenser stores canned goods in a vertical row to maximize shelving space. The old-fashioned storage unit is painted in an antique finish.

Price: $24.99


12-Piece Pantry Set

Organize any space perfectly with this 12-piece pantry set. Mounted on the wall for easy accessibility, the components are adjustable. Included: three 3-foot hanging bars, two 3-foot shelves, four shelf support brackets, a deep shelf tray, three rattan baskets, and two white hooks.

Price: $463.96


Canister Collection

This collection of metal canisters with silicone enclosures keeps all your loose ingredients sealed tight. Engravings of the specific products and rippled ridges make them stand out compared to regular units.

Price: $14.99-$19.99


Crafty Compartments

Organize all utensils in a bamboo storage tray that perfectly fits in your kitchen drawers. Two additional compartments are created when the sides slide open from the three large fixed sections.

Price: $29.99


Bamboo Bottle Holder

Composed of just three curved shelves, this bamboo wine rack can display up to 12 bottles at a time. The espresso-tinted fixture has an aesthetic that encompasses both modern and classic Asian designs.

Price: $21.93


Store in Style

Mount this wire rack in any room to store loose objects and decrease clutter. Perfect for anything from fruits and vegetables to magazines and toilet paper. We encourage you to be creative!

Price: $33.49



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