Move Over, Oat Milk—Potato Milk Is the Newest Trending Plant-Based Beverage

Their sustainability and affordability make potatoes one of the best milk-alternative ingredients—especially when you make it at home.

You've probably familiarized yourself with non-dairy milks by now, even if you're not vegetarian or vegan. From classics like almond and oat to more nuanced kinds like cashew and pea, you can find plant-based options at most coffee shops and grocers. But now there's a new alternative sprouting up: potato milk. Swedish company Veg of Lund recently introduced Dug, its potato-based beverage. While it may feel wrong to think about pouring potatoes over your corn flakes, potato milk may soon make its way to your refrigerator, just as nut-based milks have. 

According to Morning Consultant, a business intelligence company, fridges in America are as just commonly stocked with non-dairy milk as they are with 1% and skim. The industry has grown so popular in part because it's more environmentally friendly than using cow's milk, and potatoes are no exception. They require 96% less water than almonds to grow, and farming potatoes is twice as efficient as growing oats in terms of land usage. Switching from other nut-based, non-dairy products to potato milk would have 67% less environmental impact, according to Dug's website.

Potato milk in glass and potatoes on gray background

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Not only are potatoes better for the planet, but making potato milk from scratch is a much more affordable alternative (a pound of potatoes costs an average of 95 cents, compared to the average of $7.50 per pound of almonds). While Dug's price for 6 liters of potato milk (around 1 quart) is nearly $14, you can easily make your own to save on the high cost (plus shipping from Europe) if you want to try it for yourself. 

However, homemade potato milk is time consuming to make, and according to some testers, it needs additional ingredients to give it the right flavor and texture. It's not the best to use in hot drinks since it tends to curdle quickly, so keep your soy milk nearby for your hot latte or matcha

If you're ready to give potato milk a try, check out this recipe or place an order on Dug's website to see how it compares to your favorite nut alternative product. While you may gravitate toward a ~mash~ up of plant-based options now, potato milk could become your new go-to.

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