I Found an Indestructible and Slip-Resistant Door Mat That Even My Dog Can’t Destroy

Get the oversized doormat for $64.

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Our apartment has gone through many rugs in the past two and a half years after my partner and I adopted our precious Chihuahua. The best indoor and outdoor rugs will keep heavy traffic areas of the home clean. However, mats are our dog’s favorite thing to chew on, and while he’s outgrown many of his puppy behaviors, this is one that he sadly has not given up. Instead, we had given up on finding a doormat that could withstand his sharp little teeth. That is until we gave Porte + Hall’s The Insider Door Mat a try and weeks later, it's still perfectly intact—a bit of a home decor miracle. 

The stylish and durable mat is available for $64 and is constructed of three intentional layers. The bottom is made of patented backing that acts as a barrier keeping any moisture from reaching the floor, while gripping onto hard surfaces. The middle layer made of felt is highly absorbent. And the aesthetically pleasing top layer is made of 100% jacquard-weave polyester. The three layers come together to form a slip-resistant and water-absorbent mat. While made up of several layers, the indoor mat has a sleek profile and has yet to catch on my front door. 

The Insider

Porte + Hall

Buy It: Porte + Hall The Insider Door Mat, ($64, Porte + Hall

With a height of only ⅛ inches, one five-star reviewer found the solution to their front door’s low clearance. “I live in an older Brooklyn apartment building, and I didn't think this would fit in the space in front of my door because of how close the door slides over the slanted floor of the apartment.” The reviewer found that The Insider “fits and is so cute.”

Available in 14 different patterns, there’s an Insider Mat that’ll go with your space. The oversized dimensions of the doormat—2.2 feet x 3 feet—not only look pleasing, covering the expanse of a front or back door, but they also offer lots of space to wipe your feet before entering the home. The mat is also available in runner and area mat sizes.

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The top layer’s close structured weave has made it easy to care for as dirt and debris doesn’t get trapped like they would in other looser rugs. Porte + Hall recommends shaking out the mat over vacuuming to keep the fibers from fraying. If a stain needs removal, apply cold water and let it hang dry. Hint: You can also use a small bit of OxiClean for stubborn messes.

Tough enough that my dog’s canines haven’t been able to tear it up and heavy enough that he hasn’t been able to pick up and move it, the Porte + Hall The Insider Door Mat has become the longest-lasting doormat in our entry space. Get the doormat now for $64.

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