9 Pinterest Trend Predictions that We’re Most Excited to See in 2023

Pinterest Predicts 2023 is here. Check out the home, garden, and food trends that we’re most excited to see in the coming year.

At the end of every year, predictions for the top trends of the following year come hard and fast. This year has been no different, and between 2023 Color of the Year predictions, Yelp’s data-based trends, and everyone else’s picks for how we’ll be decorating, what we’ll be gardening, and what we’ll be eating in 2023, it’s shaping up to be a pretty colorful year.

Among all these predictions and guesses, though, selections from the annual Pinterest Predicts report tend to be right on the mark year after year. (Pinterest says that, over the last three years, 80% of its predictions came true—that’s a pretty stellar record.) Based on global search data on Pinterest over the last two years, Pinterest’s predictions for top 2023 trends offer a data-based glimpse into the future.

ethereal office and non-alcoholic drink on blue-green overlay

Joyelle West (Left); Scott Little (Right); Design: Better Homes & Gardens

Read on for the 2023 trends in decor, gardening, and food predicted by Pinterest that we’re most excited about.

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Stepped-Up Showers

black white modern bathroom with plants
Adam Albright

Whether it’s a fancier shower or just a nicer shower experience, more luxurious shower spaces are on the rise. Searches for doorless showers, amazing walk-in showers, shower bombs, and spa-like bathrooms are all up. Baths had a huge moment a few years ago, but now it’s the humble shower’s turn—expect to hear about more of your friends rediscovering the bliss of a good shower or remodeling their showers in 2023.

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Vintage Meets Modern

suitcase bar cart
Laura Moss

In a trend Pinterest’s report calls hipstoric, more and more people are mixing vintage or antique furnishings with modern styles. There will always be a time and a place for a good vintage aesthetic, but we’ll be seeing more of those flea market finds paired with modern or even maximalist looks next year. Look specifically to creative uses for reclaimed window frames: Searches for “antique windows repurposed” on Pinterest are up 50%.

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More Mushrooms

black and white wall behind bed
Brie Williams

That domed, shroom-y silhouette isn’t going anywhere. Mainstream brands and vintage stores alike are celebrating mushrooms with mushroom-shape decor and funky, fantastical art. This trend has a psychedelic bend, with Pinterest users searching for inspiration for ideas such as “fantasy mushroom art” and “freaky wallpaper.” Whether you join the trend with a streamlined mushroom lamp or over-the-top mushroom patterning on an upholstered chair, you’re sure to be in good company.

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Airy Fabrics

dormer home office with blush pink walls and black accents
Joyelle West

This trend was among the Pinterest report’s predictions for fashion trends, but as we’ve seen too many times to count, home decor often follows the same prevailing trends that fashion does. Pinterest’s data says tulle, ruffles, lace, and sheer materials are all going to be big in 2023: Try the look in your home with ethereal curtains, shimmering throws, and delicate details.

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Rom-Com Core

bathroom with pink vanity and pineapple wallpaper
Julie Soefer

We’re predicting another fashion to home decor pivot: Searches on Pinterest for looks made famous by beloved 2000s rom-coms are climbing, and we expect pink, rhinestones, and other looks inspired by the early 2000s will start appearing in homes, too. Think beyond Barbiecore—we’ve already seen plenty of Y2K-inspired trends in 2022, but there’s more that can be brought back into homes, including Tuscan kitchens, bedazzled accessories, and colorful acrylic accents.

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Water Conservation

corner flowerbed
Jamie Hadley

It’s not just a consideration while showering or brushing your teeth anymore: Resource conservation—specifically water conservation—is becoming a trend in all areas of our lives, including indoor and outdoor design. Pinterest reports a spike of 385% in searches for drought-tolerant landscape design, and searches for “rain water harvesting architecture,” rock drainage, and rain barrel ideas are also up.

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Alcohol Alternatives

Watermelon Cooler
Scott Little

The ongoing trend toward no- or low-alcohol drink options will continue into 2023 with fresh ideas for mocktails and elevated non-alcoholic beverages. During Dry January (or Damp January) and beyond, more people will opt out of imbibing. That said, those who do choose to drink will be dressing up their drinks, too: Searches for cocktail garnish ideas and creative cocktail presentations were up.

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Ocean-Based Superfoods

Matcha Green Tea Latte
Matthew Clark

We already know the benefits of chlorophyll, but other from-the-sea ingredients are expected to spike next year, Pinterest says. Beyond chlorophyll water, people are also searching more for green algae, seaweed snacks, and Nori. Packed with good-for-you vitamins and minerals, these foods are sure to pop up in creative applications all year long.

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Apothecary Aesthetic

Lemon-Lavender Poppy Seed Cake
Blaine Moats

While our love for apothecary tables and shelves in decor is eternal, the apothecary look is heading to the kitchen, too, with savvy chefs using herbs, flowers, and other natural ingredients in their cooking and baking. Searches for wildflower cupcakes are up 110%, and searches for daisy cupcakes are up 85%, according to Pinterest.

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